Monday, July 15, 2013

I Really Should Be......

Really should be working on Halloween and Christmas goodies for the up coming fall/winter season. So hard for me to do when it's 90º outside. I get so caught up with photographing everything outside, like flowers and wildlife that I normally don't get to do in the winter. And I love just playing in my gardens, pulling weeds transplanting plants, watering. You know all that stuff that goes along with caring for a garden. I hate being indoors in the summer, even if it's hot out!! 

And I love, each Summer watching the baby deer grow up right before my eyes. I see Mommy and baby practically everyday now. She drops baby off at my next door neighbors backyard in the ferns and leaves for the morning. She usually comes back in the afternoon to pick her up. Baby is now old enough to venture out in the backyard on her own while mom is away. I captured an awesome shot of her today while mom was away. 

I think I may print out this photo for myself and frame it!!!

I've been playing around with my camera a lot the last month, capturing very cool images and turning them into IPhone cases. I've just started listing them in my Red Oak Images Etsy Shop. Click HERE to check out my new designs!!

Here's a few of what I have to offer!

This one is a vintage camera that I own. 

I have this one, the Blue Ball Jar case for my iphone and just love it!!!!

From a wooden bench my hubby uses for a foot stool

A Baltimore Oriole photo that I took this Spring

This is an old Elm Tree stump that is on our property. Very cool I think!

Like some rust? This was taken inside of a huge tractor rim that my neighbor has.

And my fawn that I get to see everyday!!!

These cases are available in IPhone 4, IPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 4

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