Friday, March 26, 2010

Primitive Rocking Horse

Hello everyone, You've probably been wondering where I have been. I've been in a slump every since my daughter and granddaughter went back to NC last month. I miss them. So today I finished up this little primitive rocking horse, isn't he sweet! I will get him listed in my etsy shop tonight. Then will work on a pattern for him this weekend. I'll post a link for the pattern here on my blog when it is finshed.

Did a little yard one day this week when it got up into the 60's. Sure felt good to get out in the sunshine! My tulips are popping up, and already having to battle with the deer again. I bought some stuff that really works good last year to keep the deer away. It's called, This 1 Works Deer Repellent, by Fertilome. I highly recommend it. I am so ready to get out and plant flowers. I know its still a ways off before I can do that. Just happy the days are warming up. Should be in the upper 60's maybe 70 next week!!! yippie! Hope everyone has great weekend!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beautiful Spring Day!!!

It got into the 60's today and just had to get out in it! First I went down to the Mississippi river to see what was happening. There were quite a few people down there feeding the ducks and geese. So I got a few pics of them. I should have brought some bread to feed them, then they would have gotten closer to me. Then headed to one of my favorite stores, Target to pick up a few needed things. Then to the grocery store for a few things, they were setting up their outside garden center!! That makes me happy. Then headed home and got a picture of a robin!!! Bought time I see one! He was in my neighbors backyard and he wouldn't come any closer, so its a tiny picture. Yay...spring is on its way!