Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Additions!

I've been working non stop on coin purses! Had two requests for a kitty purse. I've got one finished and plan to make a black cat one as well. You can find these in my etsy shop now HERE

So we have been getting snow and more snow!!! I thought the ground hog said it would be a early Spring!! One day I went out looking for a country snow photo and found this!!

I captured these cows following one another down to the pond to get a drink on a snowy day.

Our weather vane on the roof of our garage

Ok this is my hubby...He plucked this icicle off the roof. Not sure if he is pretending to be a zombie or what.  LOL We should have measured it. My hubby is 5' 11" so you can just about guess.

Last week I scored this basket and paper mache eggs at the goodwill for $4.38! There were 59 eggs. I don't know if they dropped one of them or what when they taped them up in this basket. I would have had a even 5 dozen. Oh well.

I've already made a dozen of primitive eggs for myself and made another dozen to sell in my etsy shop. Here they are!        *Bowl will not be included with the eggs*


  1. LOL! That was a huge icicle!Looks like your hubby was having a fun time.
    Love the coin purses,super cute!Wow that was a score on the eggs and basket.I really like how the painted ones turned out.
    Your snow pics are gorgeous!Have a wonderful evening,Jen

  2. We are getting the storm tomorrow, but our area might just get a lot of rain, not sure what is worse, lol. Those eggs were a nice score. I got some plastic ones and decided it was too much work to sand them for painting, so gave up.


  3. Tammy, these are just too cute! I love that darling black bird the best, but they are all just darling! Love the prim eggs too!

    Cathy ♥

  4. Love those new coin purses! You are always making the cutest things.

  5. Tammy, any chance of a pattern for how to make the little purses?


    1. Sorry Mary, I won't be making a pattern for the purse.



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