Thursday, June 23, 2011


The calendar says it's Summer but it sure don't feel like it. It was another day of only being in the 60's!!! Tomorrow will be sunny and in the 70's. All of my flower gardens and potted plants are growing like crazy!!! We've been having plenty of rain too!


Teeny Tiny Cucumber!

Chocolate Cosmos

Copper Dahlia Pinwheel in my garden

Someone is building a nest in my apple gourd!

This is a petunia that reseeded it's self in the crack of our driveway. I have a big clump of petunias that are growing from the seeds from last year. I don't remember having a petunia that looked like this last year. I think it might have mutated or something.

And lookie here! This little wren is building a nest in the bird house that my daughter gave me for Christmas! I'm so excited!

That's all for now!! Have a wonderful weekend my blogger friends!! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jam Packed Weekend!

I was a dragging today. So tired from going to the Air Show on Saturday to see the Blue Angels and then yesterday went out on my sister and brother in law's boat! What a full weekend! I not used to doing stuff both Saturday and Sunday. But have to say if was so darn fun both days!!!!! Had a blast.

                                        Here's a few pics from the Air Show!

Never get tired of seeing the Blue Angels!

Cool Biplane doing tricks!

Another kind of Jet. If you click on the picture you can see the one guy waving!

Blue Angels Plane called Fat Albert! I love watching this thing take off like a jet! It's huge! I think its cool the way it's painted like a eagle!

And Here's some pics from our day out on the Mississippi River!

My brother in law Eric on the left and Hubby on the right.

Zooming down the river!!!!

My sister Lisa. She loves being out on the river!

Love Clouds!!

Some Garden Shots that I took today!

Isn't this an amazing coleus!!! I think it's my favorite!

This is my most favorite hosta!! It is just full of blooms right now! Love the crinkle leaves.


Tiny leaf hopper on my daylily. Click on the picture to see his amazing colors!

OK that's it for tonight!!! Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Early Work Mercantile

Time for a new update at Early Work Mercantile! I have a couple new items for sale starting today! I have my sweet little simple prim pig.

And one of my Primitive Crow Heart Make Do's

Be sure to check out the other artist there! There is some amazing work there. I'm proud to be among them.

The other day it was perfect weather so I decided to read the paper out on the deck. While out there I noticed a chickadee coming to one of my feeders continuously. It would get a seed fly up to a branch, crack it open and fly to a bird house that we have on our back fence by the lilac bush. Then fly back to the feeder. I then discovered that the chickadee's were nesting in there. I had no idea. This bird house is in such terrible shape. I'm very surprised that they are nesting in there. The roof has a big hole in it. When my hubby first put that bird house up around 12 years ago, all I got in it was sparrows for the first couple of years then nothing after that. I got my camera and got a few shots of one of the babies leaving the nest!!!!!!!

And also while out on the deck, I was able to capture a shot of a cute little chipmunk. My hubby hates these critters. They are all over the place.

And here are how my apple gourd seeds are doing. I planted 10 seeds and only 3 of them sprouted. Took them about 2 weeks to pop up through the ground after I planted them.

Here's a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly that landed on our hedges the other day. It was attracted to the tiny white flowers blooming. Why couldn't it have landed on one of my many beautiful flowers I have growing!??? It's poor wing (left) was pretty damaged. It didn't seem to have any trouble flying.

And here is a view of my side garden by our back door.

Click on picture to get a better view.

Well that's it for now. Need to get back to my sewing. Orders are awaiting!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Palette of Color!!

We have had nothing but rain the last couple of days and it's threating again for tonight. One good thing its been usually late at night or very early in the morning. Things are blooming in full force now with all the rain and the heat. Here are a few pics that I took today! It's nice when we do get rain I don't have to worry about getting out and watering. It usually takes me a good hour and a half to get the job done. That leaves me more time to work on orders that I need to get done, and build up my stock of primitive bird make do's. I have several made in wonderful Americana prints right now. Check out my ETSY SHOP to see them!






My Backyard

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

America Pickers Weekend!!!

This weekend is American Pickers Weekend for us. I live just 25 minutes away from LeClaire, Iowa where the pickers are located. The town of LeClaire decided to have a weekend just for them once a year. Last year was the first time. This year I got to go! My daughter went along with me as hubby had to work. It was a pretty hot and humid day that's for sure! I think it would have been worse if the sun would have been out. Right now as I type this, at a little past 8 p.m. It's 81ยบ!! you are saying...lets get to the pictures!

On our way down to the Mississippi river levee to see Danielle and Mike. Frank wasn't able to be at the event today. He was busy doing something else. Not sure what.

On the way, we walk past Mike's dog Ruby. I believe that is Mike's girlfriend with Ruby talking to some friends.

My daughter Becky standing next to the big picker truck!

Standing in the long line for the autographs and pictures. Danielle and Mike are under the white tent. It took us about 35 minutes to reach them. Not to bad I think.

While waiting in line the riverboat Twilight was giving rides up and down the Mississippi river playing calliope music. Pretty cool!

And here we are!! That's my daughter Becky next to Danielle and me over to the right.

Me in front of the picker truck

Danielle and Mike's autographs! Wish that Frank was there.

My t-shirt I got!!!!

Time to go check out some of the shops along downtown LeClaire. As you can see Becky sticking her tongue out at me as usual. :)

The one and only primitive shop in LeClaire called Primitive Cottage. Really nice things in there.

This is Miss Mousey that I got at the prim shop!

This band was pretty cool. They were called Old 57's and they played honkey tonk music. They were good!

Here's another shot of the band playing on the lawn of the Grasshoppers Gift shop.

Then we walked down to Antique Archaeology

Me standing with the car!!

Mike's VW that he sometimes drives around town.

Love this shot of the car!

Me inside Antique Archaeology!

Stairs to the upstairs area

So that was my day today! They have more stuff going on again tomorrow. I'm so glad the rain heald off today. Woo! Hoo!!