Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New Primitive Goods!

Oh how I have been busy!! Between taking care of my flower gardens and sewing! The time is really flying by!

Here are my latest creations!

 It's that time of the year again! Time to get started on Halloween Creations!
 This Prim Pumpkin Bat Door Doll is now available in my etsy shop here Rock River Stitches

And....Yes! I do have a pattern for it as well!

 I love turning some of my creations into angels. I do believe in them! This sweetheart is available in my etsy shop too! 

Lately I've been having fun taking sunset photos! I'm so fortunate to live by the mighty Mississippi River. So what better place to take sunset photos, than by the river!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram! I do a lot of photo posts of the creations I make and their process. And I've gotten into making video stories too!


Time to get back to sewing! I have Halloween ideas floating in my head!

Peace and Love to All!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

DIY Bee Hotel

I've been searching for a great diy tutorial that I could do and share with all my blogging friends. I found one that means a great deal to me. I'm all about saving the Bee's and Butterflies.

 Each year I raise Monarch butterflies. Now I'm going to give a try and help the bee's a little more, besides having lots of flowers for them to love.

 Did you know that the bee's are now are dealing with something called CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder? It's when the worker bee's leave their hive and the queen, to fend for themselves. In the last five years the bee population has been slashed in half. So this means fewer pollinators for fruits and vegetables, which means limited crop yields. In turn, driving up the demand and food prices for all. 

So how about helping out these wonderful insects that help put food on the table for us!

I found this tutorial on another blog at 2Paws Designs

 Here is how I made my Bee House. This is for solitary bee's not honey bee's.

Supplies List
  • Brown Wrapping Paper or Paper bag
  • utility knife
  • scissors
  • 8 oz. plastic bottle
  • twine
  • ruler 
  • pencil
Rinse out your drink bottle and dry. Cut the top off with utility knife or scissors.

I had a roll of brown wrapping paper so I used that instead of brown paper bags which I did not have.

I cut stripes of paper that were about 5.5" long. I rolled onto a pencil a couple times around to make a tube.

I had a little help from my cat Bonsai! hehe You know how cats love to help!

When I had the bottle filled up, poked a couple holes with scissor point and threaded the twine through. Hung mine in one of my burning bushes. Will see what happens!!

 I finally have all my flowers planted in my yard. Did not plant as many in pots this year as I usually do. Saving a little money this year as we are doing a huge remodel right now on our kitchen and bath. The demo is finished. And the electrical, plumbing and dry wall is up. Just waiting now on cabinets, counters, tub and toilet to come in. 

So here are a couple pretty flowers from my yard!

Can't believe how well my Clematis is doing this year! I never have this much luck with them! Must be the very rainy spring we had.


And my fav flower, Gerbera Daisy!

Thinking of new sewing projects! So stay tuned!

Peace and Love to All!