Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ideas Keeping Me Awake

Do any of you have the same problem as me when you go to bed? Your mind is racing and you can't shut off your brain! The funny thing is I get most of my creative ideas when laying in bed trying to go to sleep!! Ha! One good thing about that. 

Well anyway...I have a few new items to show you! These Snowman & Tree Make Do's are one of my favs to make.

Can't stop smiling when I look at these snowmen!

And here is another amazing piece I made from Stacey Mead of The Goodewife Pattern. 

The idea for this one did not come to me when trying to go to sleep. I was reading Stacey's blog. When I first saw these deer she had posted I instantly thought of placing them on this piece of tree bark my neighbor had given me. He had brought home a big truck load wood from a tree that had been cut down. He splits his own wood for his two wood burning fireplaces in his home. I spied a couple pieces of big chunky tree bark and asked if I could have them. Did not know what I was going to do with them, but hoped that in time I would figure something out.

To purchase this wonderful winter deer display, check out my etsy shop here ---> Rock River Stitches

Oh and I have a pattern for my big new Snowman from my last post!!!
It can be found in my Etsy and also at Pattern Mart!

So until next time...Peace and Love to All!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

*~New Snowman Design~*

Happy Election Day! Got my vote in last week. 

I've been so busy sewing up Christmas goodies! I have a couple more new items listed in my etsy!

I have a pattern for my Santa doll and I'm thinking about making a pattern for my standing snowman as well.

You can visit my Etsy shop here >>>> Rock River Stitches

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Went to visit daughter and her hubby a week ago in Des Moines. Love traveling through the middle of Iowa. Nothing but farmland. I like to play with my camera while riding down the interstate. Sometimes I can get a great photo like this one! Love the horizontal and vertical lines.

It was just a pretty day! A little overcast but that's OK. Can get some amazing cloud contrast that way.

So until next time....Peace and Love to all!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Prim Old World Santa Doll

Now that we have cooler weather and the leaves are falling, I'm inside most of the time. And that means I'm more busy with Christmas goodies!

I have a couple new dolls and one new pattern to share with all my blogging friends!

I so adore this guy! He is available in my etsy shop along with a pattern to create him yourself! My Etsy shop is here >>> Rock River Stitches

And also available in my shop is Miss Holly. She is perfect for Christmas or even after the holidays. Her holly halo can be removed to display year round!

And I have to show you the gorgeous Virginia Creeper growing on the shop barn behind my house. It turns all the autumn colors this time of the year. 

Everywhere you look in NW Illinois now is color. A few of the trees have most of their leaves gone but still much color to see!

A few weeks ago hubby and I went to an amazing pumpkin patch. Country Corners has 80 acres of pumpkins, gourds, corn, soybeans, and who knows what else I didn't see!

They also had a few farm animals you could feed. I just love goaties!

All of these gourds I picked from the field. I could have spent hours looking for the perfect ones, but hubby was ready to go. 

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! I'm ready with the candy I hide from hubby. He is terrible when it comes to those snack size candy bars!

Peace and Love to All!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall in the Dakota's

A few weeks ago hubby and I took a much needed vacation to South Dakota. I hadn't been there since I was a teenager with my parents. I've been wanting to visit again, so off we went! So easy now that hubby is retired.

 The Badlands

Awesome driving through a herd of buffalo where the wild animals rule the road!

 Devils Tower in Wyoming

 As we were walking the trail that goes all the way around devils tower, saw this guy hiking up it!

Amazing place to visit! Love it!

 Mt. Rushmore! 

Crazy Horse Monument. Couldn't believe how much progress they had made since my last visit as a kid. When I was there in the early seventies you could barely make out crazy horses face!

I got very busy on sewing when I got home from vacation and here are a few items that I have made up and are available to purchase from my etsy shop!


 My Etsy Shop <<

Thanks for stopping by my blog! 
Peace and Love to All!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dreaming of Halloween in July

It's that time of the year again! Halloween! 

I know it's July....But time for me to get busy with Halloween! 

I had a wonderful vacation a week ago and time to fire up the sewing machine!

Here are a few new creations newly listed in my Etsy Shop!


Click here to visit my Etsy>>> Rock River Stitches

And also some other creations still available in my shop

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Peace and Love to All!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

~*~Spring Time Creations~*~

Welcome to my blog on this cool rainy day! I've been so busy lately trying to restock my etsy shop. These sweet Primitive Wool Applique Hearts fly out of the shop as soon as I list them!

Love making them. I can stitch away while watching a video. 

Still time to ship for Mother's Day!
Have to share this most precious photo I took on Monday while I was out walking along the Mississippi River.

Sweet Canada Goslings!!

Have a wonderful last week of April! Wow almost May!

Peace and Love to all!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Everything is coming up in Color!

Finally things are greening up around here! And blooming! So I walked around my yard and found some color for you!

Viburnum smells so sweet!

Rhododendron is spectacular!

 Apple Trees are blooming. My next door neighbors

Silver Maple Tree is loaded with twirler seed pods  

Caught this Robin taking a bath

And here are a few goodies that are newly listed in my Etsy Shop which you can see here>>>>Rock River Stitches

P.S. Estate Sales are starting up and thought I would share with you this very cool website where you type in your location and it brings up Estate sales in your vicinity!

Click here >>> Estate Sales NET

I know I'm ready to start finding some treasures!