Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chippy Paint Bird!

Was a little afraid to try this but I did it and it turned out awesome!!! How do you all like my chippy paint bird?? I think I'll be listing this guy on ebay tonight!

And last night I listed my Cardinal and Chickadee in my etsy shop

This is a short post for tonight, have to get busy with supper. Have a great evening!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

At last we have a day without rain!!! It's a bright beautiful sunny day, a little windy, but that is ok with me!

Just wanted to wish all my blogging friends a Happy Easter! Will be very busy all day tomorrow with family.

Here is a picture of my grandson Max with his bunny ears that my daughter posted on facebook. When I first saw it I couldn't help but laugh out loud. He doesn't look very happy about the situation. He tends to make that scowl look in other pictures too. But he is a very happy baby though.

Took a little walk around my yard on this nice sunny day and found these wild violets growing in my flower bed. They tend to pop up just anywhere.

And my hosta are growing fast now with all the rain we have been getting.

And here is Pepper taking a snooze with Mrs. Bunny in the doll crib today. He's my 20 pounder kitty.

Ok, It's time to get back to sewing. Have a wonder Easter!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bird Watching

This time of the year we get birds traveling through the midwest that aren't our normal neighbors. This little guy, the White Throated Sparrow has such a sweet song. A lot of the time you will hear them before you see them. They like to forge around under bushes. He was on our deck this morning picking up seeds from my bird feeders that the other birds knocked out.

Here is a little youtube clip of them singing.

The other bird I saw was a Rose-Breasted Grosbeck (female) which I didn't get a picture of. She was at my window feeder for a minute.

Here are some other birds that I captured today with my camera.

Caught him with his beak open. He was eating a sunflower seed.

I love these little birds! They are hard to get a picture of. They move around fast. He kind of blends in with his surroundings in this picture. He was in the shady area of our yard where the grass don't grow very well.

And this is a youtube video of what a Wood Thrush sounds like


Mrs. Cardinal

My Bleeding Hearts are blooming!

And my Rhododendron's too!

I've been busy lately with custom orders. I've been selling lately on ebay and have found some new customers that way. These little make do's I just made for fun. I can't decide if I should sell them on ebay or etsy. I've got till Monday to figure it out, that's when I will have them up for sale.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was invited to sell my things as a guest at The Primitive Gathering this month!! Please stop by and see what I have for sale. Don't forget to check out the other wonderful artist there too! The Primitive Gathering

I have a new Lucy Angel Kitty for sale there.

That's all for now. Everyone have a wonderful Easter!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Got a Little Side-tracked Today

Today I was busy getting ready to paint some cardinal make do's when I needed my special pencil I use to draw patterns with, which was in the living room. Just as I picked up the pencil I looked out our big picture window and thought I saw it snowing!! It was like big flakes. I continued to watch then noticed it was not snow but feathers!! In one of the big branches of our maple tree was a bird I had never seen before!! And it was eating a red-bellied woodpecker!! I was sad for a few minutes because I love these birds.
Click on the picture to see a close up

So instead of painting my cardinals I rushed upstairs to my computer and hooked up my camera to look at the pictures. And I needed to figure out what kind of bird this was. I knew it was some kind of hawk, but not sure what kind. It was totally different from the red-tailed hawk I took a picture of a couple of years ago. This bird had red eyes and a dark colored back!! It turns out it's a Cooper's Hawk. The last couple of days I have been seeing a couple of hawks circling around in the sky above our trees and I guess that is what they were. I still think about that poor woodpecker, but I guess the hawk has to eat too.

So here is my cardinal that I eventually finished today. He is now listed in my etsy shop for all to see.

Love this close up pic of his face! LOL

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lucy And Her Antics

I've been super busy lately with special orders!! I don't have anything made to show you today, but hopefully in the next couple of days.

But I did get a few pics of Lucy yesterday morning out on our deck. She was going to town in my big planters digging for acorns. She is my short tailed squirrel that I have written about before. Click on the pics to see larger views.

She looked just like a dog would look, digging a hole. Her little front paws were speed digging.

 She never did find any acorns. I think someone else beat her to it as that planter looked pretty well cultivated before she got to it. All she got was a dirty black nose. LOL

When she got done digging, she had herself a nice scratch

And jumped up on the squirrel proof suet feeder once again to see if she could get a snack. It was zip for Lucy once again. Then she jumped down off the deck in search of acorns in our back yard. You should see our yard, holes everywhere from all the squirrels looking for acorns they buried before winter.

Our next door neighbors had Mourning Doves nesting in one of their hanging planters they left out over the winter. Looks like the babies flew the coop today. Here's a pic of them on top of their roof. They said that their were 2 babies. Don't know where the other one was when I took the pic. We tried looking for it but did not find it. I'll have to ask Mary next time if she had seen both babies that day before they left the nest. The mom and dad were busy giving each other kisses when I was taking the pics. I predict more babies in the future. :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Here it is another weekend and before you know it, it will be over again. And now it's April!! That means April showers bring May flowers and I'm all for that!! Tulips are popping up and also comes the battle with the deer snacking on them.

I haven't shown you all my newest item that I made last week!! I do adore her. Didn't know if I should have let my Angel Lucy Cat doll go or not, but I decided to let someone else enjoy her too.

She is in my ebay right now! Click the "ebay" link <--------- The auction ends for her on Monday night. Only a couple days left!

Did a little yard work today of raking leaves. Will get more done tomorrow if the weather holds up. We are to get rain later in the day. And a high around 70ยบ!! But then turning cooler on Monday.

I saved several of my gourds from last fall in my garage over the winter. I guess that wasn't the best place to store them. I think it got wet to many times in the garage during the winter with tracking snow in with the car, and my gourds grew the mold.

So I did a little scrapping and got most of it off and then used some fine sandpaper to get the rest off.

I think it looks pretty good!

I never intended to document this, but I left my camera sitting outside and my daughter came out and picked it up and took pics of me. Ha ha I think it would make a very good bird house!

Then today I got my wonderful hubby who will do anything for me to put up my new bird house that I got for Christmas from my other daughter. She lives in North Carolina and got it at a craft show, I do believe. It's handmade and I just LOVE it!

Already had a chickadee looking inside a couple of times!!

So I may be showing you all kinds of pics of who ever chooses to move into this new home. Can't wait!!! It's at a perfect place to view while I'm sitting on the couch in the living room.