Friday, April 8, 2011

Got a Little Side-tracked Today

Today I was busy getting ready to paint some cardinal make do's when I needed my special pencil I use to draw patterns with, which was in the living room. Just as I picked up the pencil I looked out our big picture window and thought I saw it snowing!! It was like big flakes. I continued to watch then noticed it was not snow but feathers!! In one of the big branches of our maple tree was a bird I had never seen before!! And it was eating a red-bellied woodpecker!! I was sad for a few minutes because I love these birds.
Click on the picture to see a close up

So instead of painting my cardinals I rushed upstairs to my computer and hooked up my camera to look at the pictures. And I needed to figure out what kind of bird this was. I knew it was some kind of hawk, but not sure what kind. It was totally different from the red-tailed hawk I took a picture of a couple of years ago. This bird had red eyes and a dark colored back!! It turns out it's a Cooper's Hawk. The last couple of days I have been seeing a couple of hawks circling around in the sky above our trees and I guess that is what they were. I still think about that poor woodpecker, but I guess the hawk has to eat too.

So here is my cardinal that I eventually finished today. He is now listed in my etsy shop for all to see.

Love this close up pic of his face! LOL


  1. Enjoyed seeing the hawk you photographed, I just love seeing those big birds. Your red bird turned out great, love the details. Vicky

  2. Love your cardinal ,how adorable! Absolutely love hawks and that is a phenomenal pic you took ! Thanks for sharing! but I too love the woodpeckers as well ;0( Enjoy your evening! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  3. what a gorgeous cardinal make-do...Looove him!!

  4. I have seen a hawk flying around here, but never saw him catch anything. There is a big field in back of us, so I am sure he finds lots of mice to feast on. Your cardinal is beautiful.


  5. Isn't it wonderful when we can get a good picture of nature. We have quite a few hawks around here too. But the more recently one I saw had something in it's mouth and proceeded to fly on my neighbor's roof and devour it. Not too pleasant of a sight.

  6. It is sad seeing the poor woodpecker, but the hawk is gorgeous. Love the cardinal! One of my favorite birds!!

  7. Love the Cardinal makedo. Do you offer the pattern?

  8. Gayle, I can make a pattern for the cardinal! Watch my blog for when I get it made to sell!!


  9. ƚliczny ptaszek ;)
    Serdecznie pozdrawiam


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