Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lucy And Her Antics

I've been super busy lately with special orders!! I don't have anything made to show you today, but hopefully in the next couple of days.

But I did get a few pics of Lucy yesterday morning out on our deck. She was going to town in my big planters digging for acorns. She is my short tailed squirrel that I have written about before. Click on the pics to see larger views.

She looked just like a dog would look, digging a hole. Her little front paws were speed digging.

 She never did find any acorns. I think someone else beat her to it as that planter looked pretty well cultivated before she got to it. All she got was a dirty black nose. LOL

When she got done digging, she had herself a nice scratch

And jumped up on the squirrel proof suet feeder once again to see if she could get a snack. It was zip for Lucy once again. Then she jumped down off the deck in search of acorns in our back yard. You should see our yard, holes everywhere from all the squirrels looking for acorns they buried before winter.

Our next door neighbors had Mourning Doves nesting in one of their hanging planters they left out over the winter. Looks like the babies flew the coop today. Here's a pic of them on top of their roof. They said that their were 2 babies. Don't know where the other one was when I took the pic. We tried looking for it but did not find it. I'll have to ask Mary next time if she had seen both babies that day before they left the nest. The mom and dad were busy giving each other kisses when I was taking the pics. I predict more babies in the future. :)


  1. Funny little squirrel. We don't get them on our porch, think the dog and cats staring out the back window, scare them away, lol. What a sweet picture of the doves.


  2. We have squirrels dig in our planters too...although right now their planters of choice are the ones with my pansies in them! Not too happy with them. They have been digging in my lawn nice new lawn...sign! Guess I should think of it as natures airation program...a lot cheaper than hiring a company to do it and less back breaking work if I do it.



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