Monday, March 26, 2012

New Prim Mama Bunny Dolls

I finished up a couple more bunnies yesterday after our little trip to Starved Rock State Park. They are now listed in my etsy shop!!!

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, so we decided to make our way to Starved Rock State Park. I had never been there and hubby said he'd been there when he was a boy. Tons of hiking trails! So my legs are a bit sore today. Starved Rock is a huge park and there seemed to be many people like us that had the same idea that Sunday was a perfect day for hiking! Man was it crowded for such a big park! I did manage to get a few pics!

A beautiful shot of the Illinois River. Over on the sand bank were some geese honking away!

Gorgeous Bluebells in bloom!

A bunch more Bluebells!

There were many fishermen out on the Illinois River

Loved these! Dutchman's Breeches

Dutchman's Breeches

Was hoping to get some shots of the waterfalls there, but it was pretty dry. We didn't get that much snow this winter and not much rain either this spring.

These were my favorite! Spring Beauty

There were a lot of these! Yellow Bellwort

So that was my day yesterday! Today it's back to being very cold. Barely made 50º today, but will be close to 70º tomorrow. That's spring for ya!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Red Barn Sale!!!

What a busy weekend! Went by in a flash! I can't belive the weather we have been having! I think it has been getting up into the 80's for about 4 or 5 days now! Crazy I tell ya!
My first order of business yesterday morning, was to head to the annual once a month Red Barn Sale!! It runs once a month from March to October, I do believe. I found this sale last year on their last sale of the year. For all my primitive blogging friends, I tell you what, you would love this sale! And the prices were awesome! I asked the owner for permission to take some photos to post and my blog and she was more then happy to oblige. I'll show you the goodies of what I bought after I show you all the goodies they had for sale!

Oh and have to tell you the photos are not my standard best as I was taking the pics with my iPhone.

And here are the two things that I purchased. The wooden drying rack I got to grow my cucumbers on this year! And the rusty star is way cool! It has a little door in the back that opens so you can put a little candle in there.

So that was my adventure for the early morning. My hubby was telling me that he saw the other day that the eagles were still around here. I didn't think they would be with the temps for the last 4 or 5 days have been in the 80's. The bald eagles come to my area every winter to fish out of the two rivers that we have. So I grabbed some breakfast and headed down to Sunset Marina where hubby saw the eagles. At first I didn't see any and found the only mallard duck pair in the whole place! Here is a shot of the male with his gorgeous emerald head!

Young eagle with his fresh catch! Sorry the eagle pics aren't the best. They were way across the pond.

This pic is when he flew over my head!

When I was sitting there taking the eagle pics, a older gentleman walking his dog asked me if I had been to the marina during the winter taking any pics. I told him no I hadn't. He told me about three weeks ago when it was still cold that one day he counted close to 100 eagles!! He said it was the most he had ever seen in all the years coming to the marina. I am kicking myself now for not going there a month or so ago. Oh well....I will be there next winter!

So after I left the marina I went to the Botanical Gardens to see if I could find some flowers blooming. I found these lovely Daffodils!

And these interesting spring blooming flowers are Siberian Squill. I only have a few spring flowers from the Botanical Center that were outside the gates. I didn't pay to go inside and see the greenhouse area. I'm saving that for another day as I have promised my sister we would go there together. Then I spent the rest of the day doing yard work!

And what did I do today!!!! More yard work! Raking and raking leaves! At least we got it all done.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Primitive Bunny Rabbits!

Whew!! Finally finished a batch of bunnies yesterday! What should I work on next?? These sweet dolls are now listed in my Etsy Shop. The second one from the left has been sold. I may make a few more if there is a great demand for them.

Maybe I'll go out and find some interesting photos to take. Like something growing!! Will be in the 60's today!! Tomorrow will be the same. Seems crazy, yesterday morning when I got up it was 14º. Come on Spring! I'm still looking for the first robin. My sister and I always have a contest to see who spots one first! 

And in other news. I've gotten totally addicted to Independence USA goat cam. If you know me, then you know I just LOVE goats!! It's located in Pennsylvania. It's of 2 goats, a mother (Pepper) and daughter(Elle). Pepper the black and white goat, gave birth to 3 kids on Friday night and I was able to watch the whole thing! If was truly amazing! The babies are so darn cute!!! They are so funny hopping and skipping around. We are now waiting for Elle the white goat to have her kids anytime now! The owner Frank believes that today or tonight might be the time.  

Link to the webcam on Ustream--->

So everyone have a wonderful Tuesday and hope it's warming up in your neck of the woods!!