Tuesday, June 18, 2013

*New* Primitive Scrappy Birds!

Look what just flew in! These birds are a new design for me! They have the most cutest rusty wire legs, I think. They all are for sale right now in my Etsy Shop

In other news, I saw the mama deer and baby that I saw a couple of weeks ago in my neighbors backyard. Little one sure has grown fast since I last saw it.

And look who landed on my deck railing the other day! It's a young male cardinal just getting his bright red feathers and black mask around his beak and eyes. 

Making this short for today. Will be listing more of my new primitive birds in the future posts.


  1. They are wonderful and soo pretty!
    You had design very sweet birds!,

  2. I love the fabrics you used on your birds, really nice and love doing birds as well as kitties.


  3. I love your cute birds! The fawn is adorable, a lovely visitor along with the cardinal. Beautiful post!


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