Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Flock of Primitive Textile Birdies!

Just finished up another flock of my new birds! They are in my Etsy Shop waiting to fly to their new home! 

You can see all of them by clicking on this link >>> Rock River Stitches

The weather is certainly feeling like Summer around here lately (finally). Flowers are doing wonderful especially after the 3 1/2" of rain yesterday. I lost count on the many thunderstorms that passed through. Every time I got ready to go to the grocery store another storm was coming! So I put that shopping trip off till today. 

Gerbera Daisy just opening up!
The American Goldfinch birds love these flowers just a much as I do! I'm having a problem keeping them off the flowers. They like to pluck the petals off to get to the seeds from the center. They do the same thing to my Zinnia's. grrrrrr I would like to enjoy my daisies a little bit longer before the birds get to them.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

*New* Primitive Scrappy Birds!

Look what just flew in! These birds are a new design for me! They have the most cutest rusty wire legs, I think. They all are for sale right now in my Etsy Shop

In other news, I saw the mama deer and baby that I saw a couple of weeks ago in my neighbors backyard. Little one sure has grown fast since I last saw it.

And look who landed on my deck railing the other day! It's a young male cardinal just getting his bright red feathers and black mask around his beak and eyes. 

Making this short for today. Will be listing more of my new primitive birds in the future posts.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Primitive Squirrels!

I've finally gotten some time to sew after getting my flower garden in! I have a few new items newly listed in my etsy shop!

These sweet primitive squirrels can be seen here --->Rock River Stitches etsy shop
I just had to make one squirrel black like what we have around here. They are my favorites!

And another new item!!! I just love making these big crows!!

You can see this guy in my etsy shop too!

Almost forgot another new item I made last week!

If you are a follower of my blog, you know that I live in a residential area that has a over population of deer. A couple of weeks ago saw a Momma and baby walking through my backyard. The baby had to be no more then a couple of days old.

 I had to hurry and get the shot as they were walking fast! Excuse the blur of one of my flower pots on the left of the photo.

Mom was walking pretty fast and this little one was having a hard time keeping up! It laid down one time in my neighbors front yard before crossing the street. I held my breathe as the little one crossed the street over to mom who was quite a ways ahead of it.

And the birds have been busy in my yard raising families!

Chickadee with lunch for it's young!

Cleaning up after the kids!  

House Wren busy building a nest!

Wishing everyone a Happy Weekend!!