Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Something to Crow About!

Oh my heavens, it is a hot one today! My weather bug on my computer says 98ยบ!!! Hubby hasn't mowed the grass in about a month. It's not growing because it has turned brown. He worked so hard to get it weed free this spring, and now it's looks terrible. You never know about mother nature. I would be so happy with temps in the 80's.

 I have a new primitive crow available in my etsy shop now!

He stands at 15" tall and is attached to a old chippy paint banister railing.

The deer family is still around.

The third fawn is not in this picture. It was way off to the right sitting down. I see them just about everyday. I took this pic yesterday. I feel so sorry for them out in this heat. I even filled up the neighbors birdbath that is out in the back part of his yard. He never fills it up because he has other birdbaths that are closer to his house. Thought it would be perfect for the deer to drink out of. It's funny how these deer are not that much afraid of humans. I go around my yard every morning watering my flowers and they just watch me. Love it!! But don't love how they like to snack on certain flowers and veggies I'm growing. What can you do.

This young chickadee just sat on the edge of my birdbath for quite awhile. Every once in awhile he would take a sip.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Deer Family!

Yesterday morning I was up earlier then usual as hubby had to go into work an hour early. And am I ever glad I was up then or I would have missed the deer family! As I was making hubbies lunch for the day he told me he had just seen a couple fawn's over at a neighbors yard. Then I went and looked out our back living room window and saw the fawn's laying down in our other neighors yard! Then looked out our front window and here comes mama with one baby from across the street. They joined up with the two babies in the back yard. This is a shot of one of the three fawn's as it was passing between hour house and the next door neighbors house. I took it through our big picture window in our living room. Isn't it beautiful!

Then mama decided to head back over across the street again and all the babies followed her.

Then these two decided they didn't want to follow mom, so they headed back to the backyard and the one with mama came back too.

Here they all are in their shady resting spot now. They stayed there from about 7:00 a.m. till about 2:00 p.m. resting and snacking from the neighbors apple trees and in my yard on my hosta.

I would check on them, looking out the window through out the day to see if they were still there. Then at 2:00 I didn't see them so I went out on my deck and looked between our house and the neighbors and here comes mama! So I sat down on the steps quietly, on my deck and she walked right past me and all of a sudden the three fawn's come running up to her and start nursing!!! I was about 12 feet away! What a beautiful sight!! I captured this shot with my iphone, as I had it with me at the time, so it isn't the greatest shot. There was no time to get my regular camera. 

Here are a few other photos that I've taken lately.

Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Young Nuthatch

Another young Nuthatch. I can sit out on my deck and these little guys are just feet away from me. They like to get the seeds that the other birds drop down on the deck.

My absolute favorite color zinnia this year! It's kind of a salmon pink color.

My Zinnia's are doing fantastic this year!!!

Butterflies love Lantana!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Sale!

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In other news I've been keeping cool inside sewing some Halloween items! I go outside early and get my flowers watered and back inside for the day. Then back outside in the evening to cover my green pepper plant and cucumbers for the night. The deer love both of them along with a few choice flowers. I was so mad...a couple of nights ago I forgot to cover my plants till 10:30. In the morning I noticed they had a nice dinner from my peppers and cukes that night before I covered them up. I have to get out and cover them before the sun goes down. That is when they come around. I did this all last summer too, with covering everything up and then taking them off in the morning. But that is what you get for living in a residental area with over populated deer.

Yesterday morning snapped a few amazing photos after watering my gardens.

Love this....just wish both of the bee's were a little more in focus. They love my milkweed flowers!

Tiny Bee

Silver-spotted Skipper

Wasp getting a drink of water off my hosta after I watered. We have been in the mid to upper 90's like the rest of the country. I don't mind this weather. As for me I like it better then freezing in the winter.