Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Something to Crow About!

Oh my heavens, it is a hot one today! My weather bug on my computer says 98º!!! Hubby hasn't mowed the grass in about a month. It's not growing because it has turned brown. He worked so hard to get it weed free this spring, and now it's looks terrible. You never know about mother nature. I would be so happy with temps in the 80's.

 I have a new primitive crow available in my etsy shop now!

He stands at 15" tall and is attached to a old chippy paint banister railing.

The deer family is still around.

The third fawn is not in this picture. It was way off to the right sitting down. I see them just about everyday. I took this pic yesterday. I feel so sorry for them out in this heat. I even filled up the neighbors birdbath that is out in the back part of his yard. He never fills it up because he has other birdbaths that are closer to his house. Thought it would be perfect for the deer to drink out of. It's funny how these deer are not that much afraid of humans. I go around my yard every morning watering my flowers and they just watch me. Love it!! But don't love how they like to snack on certain flowers and veggies I'm growing. What can you do.

This young chickadee just sat on the edge of my birdbath for quite awhile. Every once in awhile he would take a sip.

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  1. Love the Crow!!! Try to stay cool. ~Sara

  2. It is unbearably hot and dry here too.
    I also have deer eating my vegetable garden...what to do?
    Love your Ravin....
    Stay cool.