Monday, December 10, 2012

Primitive Vintage Script Bird Ornaments

I managed to get a bunch of Christmas shopping done yesterday!!! And almost done with decorating! Here are a pair of my prim birds I currently have for sale in my etsy shop---->Here Actually I have two pairs. So if this set sells I can list another right away. You will have these just in time for Christmas!

I'll try to take a few photos of my home all decorated and post here for you to see!! Going all out this year as the grands are coming from out of town!! Exciting!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Primitive Snowman & Tree Make Do

I know I've haven't been around lately. I am so busy with filling orders, which I think I finally caught up and getting ready for Christmas! I made two sets of these Snowman and Tree Make Do's and have one left.

This Snowman Tree Make Do Set is still available in my etsy shop --> HERE

And I have a few new Primitive Photo Glass Tile Pendants in my other etsy shop!

You can find them in my Red Oak Images Shop --> HERE

I still haven't gotten all my decorating done. Trying to juggle that, Christmas shopping for family and both of my daughters birthdays are this month too! Plus I have to get all that done before Dec. 21st as my daughter and family are arriving for a visit!! So excited to see them! Miss the grands so darn much! So if you don't hear from me in the next couple of weeks you will know why.

Last week I made a trip to the Vander Veer Park Conservatory to see their Christmas display. Here are a few shots!

Back to work now....Blessings and Happy Holidays to all my blogging friends!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Primitive Handmade Christmas Cards

For sale in my etsy shop, Primitive Christmas Cards! You get a set of 12 cards of 4 different images. Or....If you want a larger or smaller quantity, I can do that too! Maybe all Santa Cards or Snowman! Cards are $18.00 for a set 12.

These cards are blank on the inside for you to write your own personal message.

Check them out in my ---> Etsy Shop

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Primitive Big Old Crow Make Do

Hello my blogging friends! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! A bit rainy here today after having a beautiful sunny warm 73º day yesterday. Temps are dropping fast as it will only be in the 30's tomorrow for a high. Tonight a low of 23º and a chance of light snow! NOOOOOOOO! I'm not ready. I miss summer already. hehe

So I finished up another one of my big crow make do's and will have a pattern for him as well! This crow will be for sale in My Etsy Shop tonight along with a pattern. The pattern will also be for sale later tonight on PatternMart. This big crow stands at 15" tall by 17" wide when finished.

That's it for my news for today! I need to get back to finishing up the pattern for this guy. 
Happy Sunday!

Happy Veterans Day! Let us honor those who fought for our lives!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Primitive Owl Pattern is Here!

I've had several requests for my new owl pattern and just finished it up today! Also I have a couple new owls that I made yesterday like the one pictured below. I have one of them listed in My Etsy Shop now. Will list the other one tonight.

I believe that this guy is my favorite one so far!! I also have the pattern for sale at Pattern Mart as well. You can find a link to purchase the instant download of this owl pattern over on my right hand sidebar.

Have a Super Weekend!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brand New Primitive Owls!

This is going to be a short post as it's late and wanted to let you all know about my new prim owl ornies!!

 have a couple listed in My Etsy Shop right now and will list a few more over the next couple of days.

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Primitive Snowman and Tree Make Do's

Thanks to everyone who answered my question in my last post about my Snowman Doll if he should have sparkle or no sparkle. I think I only had one person out of 13 that voted for without. I made my snowman doll sparkle, and listed him in my etsy shop and he was snagged up right away. I will be making more of my Mr. Jingles Snowman doll very soon!

I've gotten a few Primitive Christmas make do's finished and listed in my etsy shop. I will be listing another tonight. Trying desperately to get more finished goods listed in my shop as I keep getting questions asking if I only sell patterns. Need to learn how to balance taking orders, making finished items and working on new creations. Never enough hours in a day.

Here are some of the Make Do's that I listed this past weekend. Click here ---> Rock River Stitches to see them for sale in my etsy shop.

And these sets, below will be listed tonight and tomorrow night!!

This is one of the last of my blooming Zinnia's. All of my Hosta have turned to their fall yellow and most of my annuals are gone or almost gone. We really haven't had a killing frost yet. 

Mums are doing fantastic right now!!

Red-bellied Woodpecker in our one surviving oak tree in the front. These guys are just huge when they come to my window feeder, which isn't to often. So much larger then the regular birds that I have daily. 

This is the one and only egg gourd that I was able to grow this year. :( Had a problem with some kind of bug eating the vines from the inside out. I think it might have been the cucumber beetle. I will try again next year to grow the egg gourds. 

Burning Bush is so pretty this year!

These red mums were a gift several years ago from my daughter for Mother's Day. 

Sugar Maple looking so pretty too!

Have a wonderful Monday my blogging friends!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sparkle or No Sparkle?

 I'm getting ready to list another Snowman Doll which will be listed on etsy. I'm taking a Poll and asking all my blogging friends, which you would rather have.

Would you rather have Sparkle or No Sparkle. Below are photos with and without mica flakes. The first doll I just sold and the second one will be listed soon on etsy.

With Mica Flakes

Without Mica Flakes

Thanks in advance for your opinion!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Prim Snowman Doll!

It's official the Christmas sewing season has started! This is one of my first Snowman dolls of the 2012 holiday season. He was a huge hit last year with the finished dolls and pattern. I listed him on ebay on Sunday and will end this coming Sunday evening.

Click here to visit him on ebay!

And this Sweet Primitive Napping Kitty Pincushion has just been listed in my Rock River Stitches Etsy Shop!

This past Saturday we had one of our trees cut down in our front yard. It had died this summer. I have lost a friend. In that tree I have taken so many of my bird pictures over the years that you have seen. Here are just a few of so many I took.

This Red-Tailed Hawk is the last picture that I took a couple of weeks ago.

What's left of our tree :(

The Pin Oak was planted by my hubs grandfather 70 years ago. We live in his grandparents home which I love. We still have another Pin Oak that was planted at the same time close by. But that tree has no lower branches on it after the Gas & Electric company severely  trimmed it last year in the spring along with the one that we had die this year. I was so upset last year when they did that. I believe they killed our tree. Last year we called and complained that our one tree was losing all it's leaves a month after they trimmed it. They came out and looked at it and didn't really say why. But they did say if the tree died they would cut it down for free. So that is one good thing if you can say good thing about the whole situation. Our poor tree sprouted leaves in the spring but they never really developed and fell off in the terrible heat of the summer. And hardly getting any rain this summer didn't help either. We have already decided to plant another oak tree in the spring.

My next door neighbor took all the wood from the tree to burn in his two wood burning fireplaces that he uses to heat his home. Hubby is going to make me a cutting board or a little table from the wood of our tree. Makes me very happy :)

And speaking of our neighbor, I just have to show you his crock collection. This is just part of it!!!

He mostly collects the Western crocks but he has a few of the Red Wing that I collect. See the 5, 10 and 12 crocks with the two leaves? Those are the early Red Wing crocks. I did not know that!

See that Salt Glazed No. 3 Bird Jug.....I love it. He has more crocks but didn't get a picture of them.

And here's my two favorite guys enjoying a few beers after my neighbor (on the left) cut up the wood from our tree. That's my hubby holding up his glass.

Ok I guess I've rambled on enough, I need to get sewing!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Crow Fall Color!

We have been getting the most gorgeous weather!!! And the leaves are just starting to turn. I heard on our local news the other day that the fall foliage in our area will be spectacular this year because of the hot dry summer we had and a week earlier too!

First off in business. I just wanted my blogging friends to know that I have one of my crow make do's on ebaY  and he will be ending tomorrow night!!! So get your bids in! I think I am coming to a close on creating my Halloween items. Time to get busy on Christmas....very soon!

Here is my Primitive Crow Make Do

Today my daughter, decided to take a break from her Chiropractic studies to venture on a hike with me to Black Hawk State Park! I love that this beautiful park, which is just 5 minutes away from my home. It has some of the most beautiful tallest oak trees in our town. 

These are just a few of the trees that are showing color. The best is yet to come in the coming weeks.

There were many of these bat houses on the trees.

I bet some kind of little furry critter has spent a night in this log. Looks like a nice place to bed down for the night.

My daughter checking out the dry creek bed. Hardly any water to speak of in all the creeks.

My daughter with one of her many humorous faces! We had fun! I also got to see my very first Pileated Woodpecker! I didn't get a picture of him as I was too slow with changing the lens on my camera! Darn! But at least I can now say that I have seen one! And we also saw one deer running through the woods. He was to fast to get a shot of.  

There was a part of the park where they had planted a whole area of native wildflowers. This Goldenrod was so bright!

And as you walked through the paths of the wildflowers, grasshoppers were jumping left and right. I used to love to catch these guys when I was a kid.

These are mums that grew all summer in my garden. They are my favorite color of all the mums that I have.

And my hydrangea blossoms have changed colors right along with the trees! Amazing!

In other news....I have a few new primitive photo pendants available in my Red Oak Images Etsy shop!

My friend Judith in Vermont has started carrying a few of my primitive photo pendants in her primitive shop! I'm so excited! I've been a busy bee lately!

Well that's all my news for this Saturday! Have a wonderful evening!