Monday, October 22, 2012

New Primitive Snowman and Tree Make Do's

Thanks to everyone who answered my question in my last post about my Snowman Doll if he should have sparkle or no sparkle. I think I only had one person out of 13 that voted for without. I made my snowman doll sparkle, and listed him in my etsy shop and he was snagged up right away. I will be making more of my Mr. Jingles Snowman doll very soon!

I've gotten a few Primitive Christmas make do's finished and listed in my etsy shop. I will be listing another tonight. Trying desperately to get more finished goods listed in my shop as I keep getting questions asking if I only sell patterns. Need to learn how to balance taking orders, making finished items and working on new creations. Never enough hours in a day.

Here are some of the Make Do's that I listed this past weekend. Click here ---> Rock River Stitches to see them for sale in my etsy shop.

And these sets, below will be listed tonight and tomorrow night!!

This is one of the last of my blooming Zinnia's. All of my Hosta have turned to their fall yellow and most of my annuals are gone or almost gone. We really haven't had a killing frost yet. 

Mums are doing fantastic right now!!

Red-bellied Woodpecker in our one surviving oak tree in the front. These guys are just huge when they come to my window feeder, which isn't to often. So much larger then the regular birds that I have daily. 

This is the one and only egg gourd that I was able to grow this year. :( Had a problem with some kind of bug eating the vines from the inside out. I think it might have been the cucumber beetle. I will try again next year to grow the egg gourds. 

Burning Bush is so pretty this year!

These red mums were a gift several years ago from my daughter for Mother's Day. 

Sugar Maple looking so pretty too!

Have a wonderful Monday my blogging friends!


  1. Wonderful new pieces. I saw something that looked like it might be a woodpecker, but he hasn't gotten close enough. The winter birds are coming back and all heading for my feeder, I guess they seem to remember the best places to eat, lol.


  2. Love all your newest prim creations. That snowman is soooo cute!
    Love all the colors of fall around your home too!
    Prim Blessings

  3. I love them both, I see you have the tree for a pattern, will you be selling a pattern for the snowman? lol you posted people are always asking about the finished product instead of the patterns, here I am asking for a pattern...

  4. Rhonda, The Snowman make do is made with a pattern by TFC Folk Art.

    Thanks for your interest!


  5. Oh how cute!!! The snowman has such a personality. Love your nature photos. How beautiful. -Steph-


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