Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Where has the year gone. Tonight hubby and I will spend a nice quiet evening together like we always do for New Years Eve. Then tomorrow is the day I take all my Christmas decorations down.

I sure am missing my little grand daughter. She is in North Carolina with her mommy and daddy visiting her other grandparents. They will be home on Saturday. Can't wait. Here are a couple of pics of my sweet little grand daughter on Christmas morning. My youngest daughter got my hubby a new cooler for a gift and we set Cora in it for a pic.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Primitive Valentine Heart Door Hanger

Been working all day on getting this item finished to make into a pattern. Whew...glad I'm done. Takes so long sometimes to make a pattern. Here it is, a new Valentines Door Hanger pattern! This door hanger pattern measures about 14" tall by 12" wide when finished. I just listed it on Pattern Mart. If your interested just click on the link over on the right hand side that will take you to Pattern Marts website.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time for a Little Rest

We had such a great Christmas! Christmas Eve went to my in laws and had a wonderful time. Then Christmas evening had my family over. We had a gift exchange which was a blast. Everyone buys a gift that could be for a guy or a girl. Then everyone gets a number. No. 1 goes first and picks a present from the pile. Then no. 2 goes next and they can either steal no. 1's present or pick from the pile. And so on with the rest of the numbers. This is the first time we had done this because the family is growing and we are all a little short on spending money. It was a blast! We will be doing it again next year. Then later we had a bowling tournament with our Wii game that we got about a month ago. That was so freaking fun! We had a lot of people playing Wii for the first time.

I got a new camera for Christmas from my hubby!!! A Canon EOS Rebel XS. It takes the most amazing pictures!!! I am so excited. The picture of the cardinal, I took right outside my sewing room window.

So now I can get back to doing a little sewing and taking some awesome pics!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Little Gingerbread

My daughter just sent me the cutest picture of my granddaughter!! She's all dressed up in her Christmas jammie's with her gingerbread guy. Cora will be 5 months old tomorrow. My how they grow fast!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Holiday Decor

Here's a few pics that I took of some of my decorations. It's not totally prim like I want it or like other peoples. I am slowly getting there. If you look closely in the picture of my big tree you can see two of my kitties. Bebe the white cat on the right is coming out from under the tree, while Bonsai on the left, my tabby cat is getting ready to pounce on her. That's his favorite thing to do. I feel so sorry for Bebe.

Then when I was taking pics of my big tree Bebe hopped up on one of the big Christmas presents and it was like the perfect picture I got of her! She is the litter mate of my black and white kitty Socks that I just had put to sleep in October.

Then there is the picture of my German Twig tree with my snowman angel. I have them on top of one of our stereo speakers.

Here's a link on how to make Moravian paper stars like I have in one of my photos. I made about 2 dozen of them about 10 years ago and still hang them on my tree. I remember it took quite a while to figure out how to make one. I got pretty frustrated, but I wanted to learn how to make one really bad and finally got it. Then I couldn't stop making them. I even made little tiny ones for one of my small trees.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Paper Snowflakes

I made these paper snowflakes about 5 years ago and put them up every year. These ones were made up on my own without a pattern. But I did find a place where you can print out a pattern to make your own. Here's a website where you can print out the patterns. When you get to the website, click on the tab at the top that shows the little scissors in a box that says "Patterns". There you can pick from tons of patterns.
You will need some very sharp scissors and a little patience. I have these taped on my two built in cabinets in my kitchen.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We haven't been having the greatest weather this week and it makes it kind of hard to get my Christmas shopping done. Sunday we had a ice storm and it was terrible trying to drive in that. Then yesterday we got 4 inches of snow on top of that ice. And its been so cold that the salt they put on the roads doesn't even work. And then tomorrow, another ice, sleet, snow mix is coming and they say its gonna be bad. I did see some beauty in this winter weather. This is a picture I took of my back door with my wreath. I decorated an old wreath with a bunch of different dead dried flowers that were left in my garden. I think it turned out pretty and especially with the light dusting of snow.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Gathering

Char over at The Pickled Pepper Patch is making up a slide show of everyones gatherings that send in a picture. She will be posting the slide show on Sunday. Should be a lot of fun to see everyones decorations! Below is a pic of my gathering that I sent her.

So head on over to and see where to send in your Christmas Gathering photos

Monday, December 1, 2008

Make Do Prim Christmas Trees

You should stop over to my ebay auction and grab this set of prim trees before they are gone tonight! Will be ending all my Christmas auctions very soon. Just click on my ebay button over to the right. My Primitive Angel door hanger is ending tonight also.