Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time for a Little Rest

We had such a great Christmas! Christmas Eve went to my in laws and had a wonderful time. Then Christmas evening had my family over. We had a gift exchange which was a blast. Everyone buys a gift that could be for a guy or a girl. Then everyone gets a number. No. 1 goes first and picks a present from the pile. Then no. 2 goes next and they can either steal no. 1's present or pick from the pile. And so on with the rest of the numbers. This is the first time we had done this because the family is growing and we are all a little short on spending money. It was a blast! We will be doing it again next year. Then later we had a bowling tournament with our Wii game that we got about a month ago. That was so freaking fun! We had a lot of people playing Wii for the first time.

I got a new camera for Christmas from my hubby!!! A Canon EOS Rebel XS. It takes the most amazing pictures!!! I am so excited. The picture of the cardinal, I took right outside my sewing room window.

So now I can get back to doing a little sewing and taking some awesome pics!


  1. Hey...I got a camara too from my son it!

    That's a neat idea about the gifts, we pull names here and it has worked out great.

    Have a wonderful New Years!

  2. Beautiful picture! Enjoy the new camera!

  3. Enjoy the break and the rest. Beautiful picture also!

  4. Hi Tammy, It looks like we all got cameras for christmas this year..:) I love your blog and went through the whole thing..I love your work and all your do such a nice job..I am adding you to my daily list of reading...I love your kittys..they are precious!...Have a wonderful weekend...:)

  5. This must have been camera Christmas - I know lots of people that received them...our granddaughter for one.
    Your gift exchange sounds like fun and I do think I will suggest something like this for our Christmas next year.

  6. What a beautiful picture! Have fun with your new camera!!

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog! This picture is just phenomenal! I love your work as well-so many sweet items.....and that grandbaby :] Just a little doll!


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