Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Flock of Primitive Textile Birdies!

Just finished up another flock of my new birds! They are in my Etsy Shop waiting to fly to their new home! 

You can see all of them by clicking on this link >>> Rock River Stitches

The weather is certainly feeling like Summer around here lately (finally). Flowers are doing wonderful especially after the 3 1/2" of rain yesterday. I lost count on the many thunderstorms that passed through. Every time I got ready to go to the grocery store another storm was coming! So I put that shopping trip off till today. 

Gerbera Daisy just opening up!
The American Goldfinch birds love these flowers just a much as I do! I'm having a problem keeping them off the flowers. They like to pluck the petals off to get to the seeds from the center. They do the same thing to my Zinnia's. grrrrrr I would like to enjoy my daisies a little bit longer before the birds get to them.

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  1. Those birdies are the sweetest! I have mine right on my sewing table! Love it! :-)