Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Here it is another weekend and before you know it, it will be over again. And now it's April!! That means April showers bring May flowers and I'm all for that!! Tulips are popping up and also comes the battle with the deer snacking on them.

I haven't shown you all my newest item that I made last week!! I do adore her. Didn't know if I should have let my Angel Lucy Cat doll go or not, but I decided to let someone else enjoy her too.

She is in my ebay right now! Click the "ebay" link <--------- The auction ends for her on Monday night. Only a couple days left!

Did a little yard work today of raking leaves. Will get more done tomorrow if the weather holds up. We are to get rain later in the day. And a high around 70ยบ!! But then turning cooler on Monday.

I saved several of my gourds from last fall in my garage over the winter. I guess that wasn't the best place to store them. I think it got wet to many times in the garage during the winter with tracking snow in with the car, and my gourds grew the mold.

So I did a little scrapping and got most of it off and then used some fine sandpaper to get the rest off.

I think it looks pretty good!

I never intended to document this, but I left my camera sitting outside and my daughter came out and picked it up and took pics of me. Ha ha I think it would make a very good bird house!

Then today I got my wonderful hubby who will do anything for me to put up my new bird house that I got for Christmas from my other daughter. She lives in North Carolina and got it at a craft show, I do believe. It's handmade and I just LOVE it!

Already had a chickadee looking inside a couple of times!!

So I may be showing you all kinds of pics of who ever chooses to move into this new home. Can't wait!!! It's at a perfect place to view while I'm sitting on the couch in the living room.


  1. Soak the gourd in a bucket of bleach water and use a scrubbie. You will be surprised how clean they will be. It will just roll off in layers of nastiness and then you will get to the shell.

  2. Angela, thanks for the tip! I have three other gourds that have the black mold on them that look nasty.


  3. Love the kitty, can see someone already does, too.
    I had some squashes and left them outside, now they are mulch, lol. Love your new birdhouse, that is wonderful.


  4. I sometimes throw the gourds in bleach and use a hard brush to clean them. Can't take more time then you think.

  5. What a cute bird house. I would love to try planting for gourds to use for crafting, but wasn't sure how to take care of them to get them dry. I see that Angela has a good suggestion.

  6. I love your Angel Lucy Cat - too cute!! :-)


  7. I just love your kitty!! And I love that birdhouse. Very nice.

  8. I save some of my gourds too ~ I store them in the basement. Yes scrub them up with bleach water But wear a mask don't wanna breathe in those mold spores.
    Love your bird house ~ Adorable!
    Prim Blessings!

  9. Love your daffodil photo. Looks so cheerful! I don't have room to grow gourds and I love how they look piled in an old bowl, so I'm envious!

  10. Love the picture of the gourd, I also have a bird house made from a gourd. The weather has taken a bit of a toll on it as well. It will need some TLC too. Your new bird house is sweet.
    ~Blessings, Boonie

  11. Oh, I LOVE that bird house! I have a different pottery one that have an acorn look, but after seeing yours, I want another one! LOL.


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