Friday, March 25, 2011

I Figured It Out!!

My mom years ago gave me a whole bunch of silver plated silverware, trays and a creamer and sugar set that she didn't want. For years I've been hanging onto the stuff not knowing what to do with all of it. Some of it is tarnished beyond polishing. Went through the box of it about a month ago trying to figure out for the umpteenth time what to do with this so called treasure. I took out the creamer and sugar and set them on my sewing table, everyday looking at them, trying to think of something. So yesterday I FINALLY thought of something to make!! I made nesting rabbits!!!

Their nests are made out of pages that I torn out of a very very old french grammar book that I got at a library in NC that was in the free for taking shelf. And I added a little bit of natural wood excelsior too. It was hard to get a picture to show the real size of them. The bunnies are only about 4" tall. I plan on listing them in my ebay Sunday night. Please stop by and see what I have for sale right now, by clicking on "my ebay" link in the last sentence. I have a wonderful Goose doll that has no bids. So that is what I have been up to lately. So until next time... have a wonderful weekend! Happy Spring!


  1. What a wonderful idea, they look perfect sitting in them.


  2. great idea! They look like something in a magazine. I love tarnished silver :)

  3. Love the nesting bunnies, great idea. Vicky

  4. Aren't you glad that you hung onto that silverware from your mom? These turned out adorable. The bunnies are so cute.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  5. Adorable idea. Those little bowl (sugar bowls?) make a really cute base. ~Roberta

  6. Good Morning, Tammy,
    This is a fabulous idea! Yes, I have all of my mom's...and her mom's... pieces and it is tarnished beyond polishing, too. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ~Natalie

  7. Hi, those are the sweetest little bunnies...great idea....

    Have a great day...

  8. What a creative idea! Perfect for Easter decorating.


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