Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is so Close!!

Was a little lazy today. Didn't do any sewing. I think I deserved a break. I did take the car in for a oil change. I don't mind going there because they have WiFi. I take my ipod with me and I have something to do. And they have a nice big flat screen to watch too, at the Toyota dealership.

Seeing some small signs of Spring coming. I'm seeing more and more robins everyday. And today got a shot of the American Goldfinches on my thistle feeder today. As you can see their feathers are changing over to the bright yellow. Sure sign that spring is almost here!

Tonight on the 6 o'clock news they had info about the Eagle Nest Cam that is not to far from where I live in North West Illinois. They have a web cam set up in the tree where there is an eagle sitting on a nest with 3 eggs in it. They are expected to hatch the April 1. Here is a link to the live feed of mama eagle. It just switch over to night vision camera now. Be sure to check it out in the morning. Just amazing to watch her get up every 10 minutes or so and turn the eggs and then sit back down.
Click on this link to view-------> Decorah, Iowa Eagles Nest Cam

Here is one of the screen shots they took today.

Please check it out especially during the day!

I added a few more items to ebay last night. I just love this little elephant which I made with a pattern by Betty of Square Nails Primitives. She has a picture trail website from where she sells her patterns but it doesn't seem to be working right now without having to put in a password. If you want to contact her let me know.

Have a wonderful weekend Everyone!!!!!


  1. I love that goldfinch picture! We have a thistle sock hanging right outside our breakfast room window, and as many as 3 get on it at once, making it twists around. LOL, they are just too funny. I haven't tried to take their pics yet. We're still letting them get used to us on the other side of the glass.

    I'll have to check out the eagle cam. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the link about the Eagles. I love your little piggy, so cute!! Have a great weekend!! Lecia

  3. I'm seeing robins, worms and finches; come on, Spring!

  4. Hello, just found your blog this morning. Love finding new blogs to follow and your post about the goldfinches was informative. Didn't realize their feathers changed colors! Love your patterns! Happy Spring. ~Roberta


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