Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yay! It's Spring!

Our first day of spring was a little wet with thunder. Then it was mostly to partly sunny later on in the afternoon with a high of 72º! This then brought the idea to grill out tonight, which we did. Nothing like the first grilled chicken of the season. We also had yummy sauteed mushrooms and a salad!

I spent a little time out on the back deck today with my camera in hand to capture some of my famous bird pictures. Didn't seem like there was much action, probably because I was sitting out there. The birds are going to have to get used to me all over again being outside instead of inside taking pictures through the window.

So this is what I capture today out on my deck...........

Little Junco's are still here.

Nuthatch being a acrobat

Red-Bellied Woodpecker. Looks like it's time to make some more suet. These guys are out there on the suet feeder all the time. They can't go inside the cage, but do get their heads all the way in and get big chunks of suet with that long beak.

Chick a dee dee dee

And....... This morning got on the Eagle Nest Cam to see how the eagles were doing in the rain. They looked misreable sitting there all wet. But I guess that is something they are used to. I took a few screen captures when the camera was doing some zooming in on the eagle.

Decorah, Iowa Eagle Nest Cam <------------- Link to the Nest Cam


  1. Beautiful photos and really nice shot of the junco.


  2. absolu beautiful picture !
    marylin FRANCE

  3. absolu beautiful picture !
    marylin FRANCE

  4. I've been watching the eagles, too, and tuned in today at just the right time to see them together, trading places on the eggs. I'm hooked on watching.
    You mentioned Betty of Square Nails and I've been trying to order her doggie pattern from her picturetrail but just can't seem to make it work. I sure would appreciate your help. Thanks and Happy Spring! ...Susie

  5. Oh how beautiful your daffodil header is, I can smell their lovely fragrance as I type. Beautiful bird photos and how nice to be able to grill this evening, we are receiving snow. Happy Spring!

  6. Happy Spring To You :)

    Gorgeous photos Tam..especially love the Eagle...I am going to have to visit the site and watch them :)

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  7. Adorable bird pictures! Keep them coming!


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