Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bird Watching

This time of the year we get birds traveling through the midwest that aren't our normal neighbors. This little guy, the White Throated Sparrow has such a sweet song. A lot of the time you will hear them before you see them. They like to forge around under bushes. He was on our deck this morning picking up seeds from my bird feeders that the other birds knocked out.

Here is a little youtube clip of them singing.

The other bird I saw was a Rose-Breasted Grosbeck (female) which I didn't get a picture of. She was at my window feeder for a minute.

Here are some other birds that I captured today with my camera.

Caught him with his beak open. He was eating a sunflower seed.

I love these little birds! They are hard to get a picture of. They move around fast. He kind of blends in with his surroundings in this picture. He was in the shady area of our yard where the grass don't grow very well.

And this is a youtube video of what a Wood Thrush sounds like


Mrs. Cardinal

My Bleeding Hearts are blooming!

And my Rhododendron's too!

I've been busy lately with custom orders. I've been selling lately on ebay and have found some new customers that way. These little make do's I just made for fun. I can't decide if I should sell them on ebay or etsy. I've got till Monday to figure it out, that's when I will have them up for sale.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was invited to sell my things as a guest at The Primitive Gathering this month!! Please stop by and see what I have for sale. Don't forget to check out the other wonderful artist there too! The Primitive Gathering

I have a new Lucy Angel Kitty for sale there.

That's all for now. Everyone have a wonderful Easter!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You get such a nice variety of birds. I got a small feeder, but guess I need more, they demolished what I put out today.

    Love your new pieces and love the kitty angel.


  2. You are a girl after my own heart. Just love the birdies and their song. I put up a bird feeder and a dove knocked it over little bugger. But I will go out and fix it up tomorrow again and enjoy watching these sweet birds. Love the song birds and especially your wonderful offerings on the Primitive Gathering. God bless.

  3. Love all of your bird photos Tammy! I love taking photographs of them myself. I need to get my other feeders out there to attract more, lol;) Your new creations also turned out great!


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