Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall in the Dakota's

A few weeks ago hubby and I took a much needed vacation to South Dakota. I hadn't been there since I was a teenager with my parents. I've been wanting to visit again, so off we went! So easy now that hubby is retired.

 The Badlands

Awesome driving through a herd of buffalo where the wild animals rule the road!

 Devils Tower in Wyoming

 As we were walking the trail that goes all the way around devils tower, saw this guy hiking up it!

Amazing place to visit! Love it!

 Mt. Rushmore! 

Crazy Horse Monument. Couldn't believe how much progress they had made since my last visit as a kid. When I was there in the early seventies you could barely make out crazy horses face!

I got very busy on sewing when I got home from vacation and here are a few items that I have made up and are available to purchase from my etsy shop!


 My Etsy Shop <<

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Peace and Love to All!


  1. What an amazing trip and such a diverse environment, would love to travel out west someday.
    Love the new pieces, especially the birds, really nice piece to decorate small trees with.


  2. Thanks for these gorgeous photos! Happy Friday ♥