Saturday, June 4, 2011

America Pickers Weekend!!!

This weekend is American Pickers Weekend for us. I live just 25 minutes away from LeClaire, Iowa where the pickers are located. The town of LeClaire decided to have a weekend just for them once a year. Last year was the first time. This year I got to go! My daughter went along with me as hubby had to work. It was a pretty hot and humid day that's for sure! I think it would have been worse if the sun would have been out. Right now as I type this, at a little past 8 p.m. It's 81ยบ!! you are saying...lets get to the pictures!

On our way down to the Mississippi river levee to see Danielle and Mike. Frank wasn't able to be at the event today. He was busy doing something else. Not sure what.

On the way, we walk past Mike's dog Ruby. I believe that is Mike's girlfriend with Ruby talking to some friends.

My daughter Becky standing next to the big picker truck!

Standing in the long line for the autographs and pictures. Danielle and Mike are under the white tent. It took us about 35 minutes to reach them. Not to bad I think.

While waiting in line the riverboat Twilight was giving rides up and down the Mississippi river playing calliope music. Pretty cool!

And here we are!! That's my daughter Becky next to Danielle and me over to the right.

Me in front of the picker truck

Danielle and Mike's autographs! Wish that Frank was there.

My t-shirt I got!!!!

Time to go check out some of the shops along downtown LeClaire. As you can see Becky sticking her tongue out at me as usual. :)

The one and only primitive shop in LeClaire called Primitive Cottage. Really nice things in there.

This is Miss Mousey that I got at the prim shop!

This band was pretty cool. They were called Old 57's and they played honkey tonk music. They were good!

Here's another shot of the band playing on the lawn of the Grasshoppers Gift shop.

Then we walked down to Antique Archaeology

Me standing with the car!!

Mike's VW that he sometimes drives around town.

Love this shot of the car!

Me inside Antique Archaeology!

Stairs to the upstairs area

So that was my day today! They have more stuff going on again tomorrow. I'm so glad the rain heald off today. Woo! Hoo!!


  1. Hi Tammy:) Awesome, beautiful sights. Hubby and I love to watch Pickers too and see the old stuff they find. Besides the heat, I'm glad you had a good time and shared your pics with us:)

  2. Oh wow, wonderful photos!!! I LOVE those guys! Thanks for posting.

  3. Now how cool is this?!?! American Pickers is one of my favorite shows that I look forward to watching... where was that Frank? He's my favorite from the show! Thanks for sharing pics! Becky looks a lot like Danielle... :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! It is such a beautiful town. I bumped into Frank at a Flea Market in Gayes Mills at their Apple Fest last year. My hubby and I had a nice conversation about a friend of ours that was on their show. He is a very sweet guy! He was coming back from the New York shoot and said he saw a sign that said Flea Market and had to check it out. He was very gracious for those who wanted to talk to him.

    Looks like you had a wonderful day! :)

  5. Brenda, Yes Frank is a super nice guy! My daughter ran into him one night at a local bar and he was very happy to let a friend take a picture of her and him together. My daughter was thrilled to get the picture! I posted the picture on facebook.


  6. Awesome pictures Tammy! I love American Pickers! It's pretty cool that you live near them. Thanks for sharing.

  7. How cool is that?! Becky posed and looked just like Danielle (without the tatoos, of course, LOL)! We watch that show whenever we can.

  8. Showed these pictures to Dear Hubby. He is big American Pickers fan. Thanks for sharing.


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