Monday, June 20, 2011

Jam Packed Weekend!

I was a dragging today. So tired from going to the Air Show on Saturday to see the Blue Angels and then yesterday went out on my sister and brother in law's boat! What a full weekend! I not used to doing stuff both Saturday and Sunday. But have to say if was so darn fun both days!!!!! Had a blast.

                                        Here's a few pics from the Air Show!

Never get tired of seeing the Blue Angels!

Cool Biplane doing tricks!

Another kind of Jet. If you click on the picture you can see the one guy waving!

Blue Angels Plane called Fat Albert! I love watching this thing take off like a jet! It's huge! I think its cool the way it's painted like a eagle!

And Here's some pics from our day out on the Mississippi River!

My brother in law Eric on the left and Hubby on the right.

Zooming down the river!!!!

My sister Lisa. She loves being out on the river!

Love Clouds!!

Some Garden Shots that I took today!

Isn't this an amazing coleus!!! I think it's my favorite!

This is my most favorite hosta!! It is just full of blooms right now! Love the crinkle leaves.


Tiny leaf hopper on my daylily. Click on the picture to see his amazing colors!

OK that's it for tonight!!! Have a wonderful week!


  1. We get the air show this weekend and I dread it, lol.
    It is too close to our house and they fly over us, so noisy and the dog barks at them and by the end of the week, I am ready to go nuts;)


  2. Great pics of the air show! I think I like the Fat Albert one best! It was just this past Friday that I planted that same coleus in my backyard! It truly has some stunning color!

  3. I love the Blue Angels, I have had the privilege of seeing them one time. The river looks wonderful, love all your plants too. Great pics!!

  4. Great pictures! What great summer fun you are having!


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