Thursday, March 14, 2013


Can't believe that next week is Spring!! But you would never know it from around here! I don't know how many times it has snowed around here in the last week. I've lost count. At least its a bright sunny day today! We've had nothing but clouds and snow or rain!

So anyway...I have a new coin purse to list tonight and hope to have my last set of paper mache eggs for sale tomorrow. All 3 dozen eggs sold fast. So when the last set is sold I'm done. I won't be making anymore unless I find a bunch more at the Goodwill! :)

Here is my new coin purse for this week!

I also have a couple of my owl ornies for sale right now in my etsy shop HERE!

Here is a pillow that I had made a couple of weeks ago. It's made with one of my wren photos!!! Isn't it cool!! I'm very happy with the way it turned out! The size is 16 x 16. These also can be ordered in 18 x 18. Don't look to hard at the seat of my Windsor Back chair. One of my cats like to scratch on it. Hubby keeps telling me he is going to fix it. I guess I'm going to have to do it.

I've been thinking about maybe having these type pillows made and sold in my etsy shop.....What do you think?

And here is another shot of the cute little Carolina Wrens that come to my suet feeder. This one I took yesterday. I think he was cold as he has his feathers lowered to cover his feet. It was 20 ยบ yesterday morning.

Hope the weather is warming up for where ever you are!!


  1. I have photo fabric and did some old designs with it, fun idea to use our nature photos. I love your owls, perfectly prim and wonderful look.


  2. What beautiful stitching you do! And I so enjoyed seeing your birds and friends photos!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    Lori Ann

  3. my daughter and i are shrieking at your adorable little wrens!! Yes, we want pillows!!!

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  5. It's a case of I-have-to-have-it. How can I order the wren pillow, please? I live in Europe. Etsy?

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  7. I haven't forgotten you dcalton and anna s. I've found a new place to have my pillows made and am working out the details!!! Update will follow here on my blog!!