Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Time to Create!

So I've started up the old sewing machine again. I have a few new Halloween ideas floating  around in my head. And one of the ideas I just finished! 

Introducing my new Primitive Halloween Silhouette Pumpkins!

These two pumpkins are available and listed in my etsy shop here Rock River Stitches

Currently working on another with a Haunted House scene! Hope to have that one finished by the weekend! If I get a big interest in these pumpkins, I may offer a pattern for them!!

Found these sweet fawns along with their mama in my backyard this morning. What a wonderful start to my Wednesday!

It was a rather cool morning, only in the 50's and didn't warm up much either. Think the high was in the upper 60's. Way cool for July! 

In other news, I'm having a clearance sale in my other etsy shop on my glass photo pendant necklaces. Buy One Get One Free! 

Stop in and check out what I have to offer here Red Oak Images.  Never too early to start your Christmas Shopping! 

I also have a wonderful line of photo pillow covers which are very popular! All are made with my beautiful photography images.

So until next time, have a wonderful day!!


  1. Love your pumpkins and the silhouettes, very creative pieces.
    I love how you are using your photos and designs into other items as well, the pillows really look nice with your photos.
    I did up a couple of small ones with one of my photos, was trying to do a small mug mat, but made them too large, so now they will be mini pillows.


  2. LOVE your pumpkins!
    Very cool.

    I've had a fawn visiting my yard and the neighbors pretty regularly.
    She was always alone and we were all worried about her as she kept crossing 30th to go back towards your area. Hopefully she's one of your fawns!
    I love seeing the deer but then I worry so much about them.
    There is definitely more wooded areas where you are at!

    Have fun creating! I've got to get busy and do some Halloween and Day of the Dead paintings!
    Take care!
    :D - Cindi

  3. so creative!! love the pumpkins!