Monday, April 20, 2009

All About Birds

If you are into birds like I am you will love this website with tons of info on each bird. You can click on the sound button to hear them singing.

It's funny when I play certain bird sounds, that are in my area, my cats come running looking for them. Especially the Chickadee. Here's a pic of one that I took a couple of months ago. Cute little birds.

I'll never forget one year I found a baby chickadee was stuck inside of one of my bird feeders. The feeder was almost empty and the only way he got in there was through the feeder hole. I don't think he was in there very long. I just opened the top of the feeder and he flew out. Thank goodness I was home that day.


  1. Oh Tammy....I love this post...toooooo sweet or should I say "Tweet"....LOL! Thank you so much for visiting me on my blog and the kind words re: my grandson (the love of my life) he is pretty cute and his brother is even cuter! I just realized that I didn't have your link with my favs so I fixed are definitely one of my favs! Smiles, Pam

  2. Wonderful website...thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Really enjoyed the post on birds. I love bird watching and have been doing quite a bit of it lately. They start my day off right!

  4. oooohhhhh! Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know you are out there - now I have somewhere to come to see other people pretty bird pics!!! :)