Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Couldn't Believe My Eyes!

This morning I looked out at my bird feeders and there was a Indigo Bunting!! I've never seen one before and have always wanted to see one of these birds, and today was the day! I ran upstairs to get my camera and put my telephoto lens on and got a few pics. This one was the only good one, it's a little fuzzy. I was afraid to go get my tripod, that he would be gone.

Also got some pics of the cute little White Throated Sparrows that appear around here in the spring.

Caught a pic of him while he was singing!


  1. Now why can't I get sweet little birdies like that at my feeders? What do you offer them to munch on? I bet that's my problem - I'm feeding every crow, morning dove in the county. LOL Ok, so we have oodles of gorgeous cardinals and yellow finches and robins but your birdies are precious. We had a nasty blue jay recently and the robin told him to leave!!!


  2. Those are some great pics that you got of those birds!! I love watching birds also!

  3. Look at him singing! Wonderful pics :)

  4. So Beautiful, I feel that way when I see a Bluebird, only one pair in my neighborhood.

  5. I saw one of those Indigo Buntings this week too! Not as close as yours, but it was truly a beautiful sight. It was my first time to see one.
    I hope we see some more!

  6. How Lucky you are! I am only about 60 miles east of you and I don't get anything that unusual at my feeders! Great pics!

  7. What beautiful birds!!! The blue one is amazing - what a wonderful shade of blue! Thanks so much for sharing the pics!!!

  8. Beautiful shots and a delight to see in your backyard.
    We tend to get a lot of crows.


  9. Congrats on your pics of the bunting. I had one at one of my mosaic feeders last year, but couldn't get any pics. I regularly have tons of bluebirds all around my feeders (bluebird feeders) and I put out houses for them. They are gorgeous and fun to watch also.

  10. Great shots of the birds! I love indigo buntings. We see them every year around here and they are beautiful!
    And who doesn't love the sparrow? So pretty.
    Thank you for posting these as I LOVE birds and I am enjoying all of my fellow bloggers posts on them!
    Have a beautiful day today!

  11. I would have FLIPPED OUT seeing that Indigo bunting!! How lucky for you!! Thank you for sharing such gret pictures!!
    I love your patterns as well! You do a great job!!
    Hope your day was great!

  12. I love your pics of the birds :) You have an awesome camera!
    I love birds...we have a saying in Germany...when a bird likes to be around your house...that mean's it is a house with happy people living in it and I think it also means luck!

    Hugs Ivonne :)


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