Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Etsy's Front Page!

My daughter and granddaughter flew in yesterday from North Carolina and it's so good to see them. I sure have missed them. I'm amazed how much Cora is talking now. She will say just about any word you ask her to say. She sure does make me smile.

Last night I got a bunch of emails from my facebook friends telling me congrats and had no idea what they were congratulating me on. Then I checked it out and I was on the front page of etsy for one of the Shabby Chic Cottage Birds that I make out of vintage cutter tablecloths. You can see it at the bottom, right hand corner. It's a big deal when you make the front page.

Also, I've been getting requests to make some finished robins to sell. Will be listing one on etsy tonight.


  1. How exciting!!! Congratulations!


  2. That is so exciting for you! But... I'm not surprised... you are awesome! I love your patterns, etc. I wish you the biggest congratulations!