Thursday, February 4, 2010

Springtime Robin!!

I've been so busy this past week making 50 birds! A lady in Australia has been buying my birds to sell in her shop. She has a boutique vintage store where she sells collections of vintage pieces and handmade treasures. To bad she lives so far away. I would love to visit her store. Its called Newspaper Taxi

Today I finally finished up a special order for 2 robins. Someone is getting these birds as gifts very soon. I'll be making a pattern for him as soon as I can figure out a glich that I've run into when making my patterns. I'm sure ready to see some real robins. More snow tomorrow :( My sister and I have a contest every year to see who can be the first one to spot a robin. Last year I won when I saw one the last week of February.

My Robin pattern is now available for instant download at Pattern Mart now. Click on the link over on the sidebar.


  1. So dear! The receiver will love this sweet Robin~
    We saw Robins in January! I wanted to gather them up and give them each a hat and scarf... my husband wanted to go buy worms... the kids were scrambling to find a camera because we typically don't get to see them until late March. :)
    Best wishes!

  2. I absolutely love your birds, you do such a lovely job. Can you believe that today while locating my chickens a whole flock of Robins landed in my front yard. I don't quite know what to make of it, is there such a thing as "winter Robins"? I think my chickens are as confused as I am.

  3. Love your birds. I only made one bird with my pattern and messed up the tail part. I would like to make a bunch of them as a grouping, so will have to work on some more.


  4. Love the robin, can't wait for the pattern!!

  5. 50 birds????
    I have trouble to make just one!!
    The robin looks great

  6. Robin is so cute. Looks like work to me!

  7. that's a lot of birds & I thought the 28 I made for a swap was a lot LOL the robins look fantastic!


  8. What a great robin! Don't think there are any around here yet but the weather sure is confusing them! lol I just LOVE making your birds...since I bought the pattern I have made several and find them so easy to follow and always wonderful! But 50... ??? Wow, way to go! :)

  9. The robin is very nice. great job on him!

  10. Fabulous bird!!!! looks very REAL!!!! I'd love to make one using your pattern but not sure I have that talent! I hope you win the robin contest again this year. :-)

  11. I can see how you sell them so quickly, they are so cute!

  12. Tammy, this is the cutest bird I've seen in a long time! I love it! But wow 50 birds! That's quite a flock! I bet you sell lots of patterns too!

    Cathy ♥