Monday, May 17, 2010

Primitive Spring Folk Art Pioneer Prairie Dolls

Sorry I haven't been around lately. My daughter and granddaughter were in town for 10 days. I was a full time babysitter while my daughter was studying to take her boards this past weekend. She needed to get a score high enough to be able to practice chiropractic care where she is living now in NC. I'm sure she did great on her tests. The bad part is waiting 6 weeks to find out your score.

So now its back to normal life of sewing and gardening. I've only put a small dent in planting with the weather not cooperating and busy with babysitting.

I finished up these sweet little prairie dolls today. Sold the only two dolls I had in my etsy shop last week, so needed to get a few more up for sale. They will be listed in my etsy shop shortly.

Tomorrow it will be a day of planting flowers. I also have plans to make a few hypertufa pots. I bought a bunch of those cute little succulents from Lowe's to make a rock garden. I'll be sure to post some pics of my pots when I have them finished.


  1. Your prairie dolls are so cute, and the plants - I love them! Can't wait to see your rock garden!

  2. I love those prairie dolls. Adorable! I love succulents too. I have a HUGE chicks and hens patch that is doing amazing! I should post some pics of them!

    Have a great day!

  3. Your succulents will be beautiful in your planter. My directions say to let it cure 6 months before planting. Where did you get your directions?

  4. Love the little kitties! What a purrfect addition to your little prairie dolls. Looking forward to seeing your rock garden!

  5. Wonderful dolls and holding a kitty, makes them perfect;) I was going to plant before the rain today, but it came early.


  6. Hi Tammy,
    Just noticed you were following me and had to come check out your site! I'm really glad that I did! I'm now your follower too..Love the succulents, I have several tucked around the yard.
    You will really enjoy them. Did you know that they bloom? Really pretty delicate flowers.
    Hope you have a great day,