Friday, May 21, 2010

Primitive Vintage Doll Dress Ornies

A couple of weeks ago I made a little primitive doll dress on a hanger, which I made using cardboard and fabric. I thought I'd should just make one with just the fabric like a real doll dress. So this is what I came with. They sure were fun to make and decorate. I used reproduction civil war fabric along with different vintage trim that I inherited. I've had this big box of old trim that I've been dieing to use. And I made my own little hangers out of rusty wire! I think these would look perfect hanging from a cupboard or to decorate up your laundry room. They measure 7" tall by 5" wide without the hanger. Add another 2 inches with the hanger. I have one of mine hanging from a rusty nail on my refinished wooden shelf that I have in the kitchen. I will be listing these in my etsy shop starting tonight.

We had a cool cloudy rainy day today. But much warmer and sunny weather is on tap for this weekend! We are expecting 80's and maybe 90's. Yikes talk about a huge jump into summer. It only got up into the 60's today. You won't hear me complaining. I like the warm weather, better then freezing do death. :)

Well that's all for now. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. The dresses are wonderful. I have a pattern book with different style clothing, tempted to try a few myself, to hang on my peg racks.


  2. Those are darling and oh so prim. You have inspired me to get out a pattern I bought a few months ago and DO something with it. It's from McCall's and has little dresses to use as ornies. Love your things.

  3. those are that they are kind of miniature.:)

  4. Mommy, you are so talented. I wish I was creative as you. :) Teach me to do more crafts!

  5. LOVE THOSE ..THEY ARE TOO CUTE!!! Curious big are they??? They look to be a good size. .... Donna


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