Monday, July 5, 2010

Lazy Day of Bird Watching

Today was one of those days that I just felt like doing nothing. I'm starting to get sick of sitting inside locked up in a air conditioned house. We've had the house closed up for over a month now. I love having the windows open when the weather is cooler. Today was a cloudy day and a little on the humid side but I went outside and sat on the deck anyway. I was out there for quite awhile taking pictures the birds that come to my feeders.

Tufted Titmouse with a big sunflower seed in his beak

Chick a dee dee dee

Mr. Cardinal, He was busy along with Mrs. Cardinal feeding baby chicks that were in the trees chirping away.

And a little hummer which I never get tired of watching!

 And here is Mr. & Mrs. wren. She was in and out of the house with bugs to feed the babies while Mr. sat outside and sang away. Here is a fun fact that I just learned from the Birds and Blooms magazine that I get. Most female birds don't sing. But the female cardinal does. She mostly sings while on the nest.

Impatiens that I have out on my deck. Hummers like these too!

These are 2 of my newest coin purses that I finished up yesterday. They are now listed in my etsy shop!
This is the second cat one that I've made, the first one sold last week. Well that's about all for now. Need to get cracking on more Halloween stuff this week.


  1. Wow..Love the pictures and don't need to go out in my yard and watch for Birds when I can look at yours. Everyone needs a day once in a while to just do nothing. I am going to take a day off next week and do that. I am having an in home craft sale this week on Thurs..Fri..Sat and Sunday..then it is break time for me
    Hop on over to my blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a $30.00 grocery card.
    I love your little purses..would make a cute gift for one of my Granddaughters for Christmas :)

  2. It was too hot to watch the birds today, but I sat out for a little bit when the sun went down.


  3. Sorry everyone my comments are not showing up when I try to post them. Blogger is acting up!!!


  4. Thank you for sharing those adorable photos of the birds around your place. I love them! Here in the northwest there are no cardinals but we have plenty of blue jays and scrub jays! One of my favorites is the lazuli bunting with the turquoise head and back and peach breast!
    I read something about the wrens that was really cute. The male chooses about 3 prospective housing sites by leaving twigs...the female then chooses the one she likes best and they continue to build the nest.

  5. We are so very much alike Tammy. I could sit and watch the birds for hours on end. I especially love watching the house wrens...they are so fun to watch and have such a big voice for such a small bird. I had no idea that female birds do not wondeful that the cardinal does though when sitting on her nest :)so sweet.

    Love your new coin purses..they are great!

    Hugs, Doreen

  6. Hi Tammy

    Don't think I ever made it by to say "Hi"! Thanks for stopping by my blogspot. I try to get on here when I can. I am a nurse and work part-time and have a family so I don't always get on like I would like!!! Once I get here I can't get off........."help" lol

    Enjoyed your posting-thanks for the fact about the female birds not singing.....I didn't know that? I will see if my Mom knows that...she really loves birds. I've seen that Birds and Blooms magazine and think it looks very interesting!

    Have a nice week

  7. Beautiful blog. Thank you for putting my party on your sidebar. Perhaps by working together like this we can stimulate some sales for some hard working crafters.

    By the way, thanks to promotion from peoplae like you thae party has been a big hit. I have decided to go ahead and hold this party every Thursday.

    Thank you agagin for your kind support.


  8. Lovely bird closeups! Hubby just hung our new hummingbird feeder and they started to swarm in about 5 minutes! LOL, they must smell it!