Sunday, July 11, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

Wow...What a day! Worked on this new pumpkin guy today and have him finally finished! And...... Also have a pattern for him too! I'll list the finished pumpkin along with the pattern in my Etsy Shop tonight. I already have the pattern for sale at Pattern Mart with the link over on the right sidebar of my blog.

I've been at this computer for hours working on the pattern. What makes it a little more enjoyable is watching my little hummingbird feeder that is in the window that's right next to my computer. I'm about 2 feet away from the window. It's a little tiny feeder that's meant to put in your flower hanging baskets. I have it stuck on the outside of the window with a suction cup. The little hummers tummy look so soft that you could pet them. I know...I weird. LOL Oh and their tiny little feet are so cute!! LOL
Ok...time to get some supper! Everyone have a great Sunday evening!


  1. Tammy,

    Oh he's too cool! Come on over an get me motivated to paint fall, purdy please! I can't seem to get moving.


  2. Good morning!
    Oh the pumpkin guy is are such a talented lady!

    Now we have a hummingbird feeder out and haven't had a single one. Not sure why but over the last few years we just don't seem to get them.
    You are wierd...i love bird whatching