Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Items on Early Work Mercantile!!

Can you believe that August is half way through already! Please.... Summer slow down. I'm getting ready to list some new fall goodies on Early Work Mercantile! Thought I would show you a little preview here! I will be listing these awesome pumpkins I made with a pattern by Tickled Primitive. Great fun to make!

The pattern comes with three different sizes. I only made the medium and small one. They are a pretty good size pumpkin.

Next I will be listing my favorite little ghost make do's, made with my own pattern.

And last item is this Witch Pumpkin and little spider friend make do that I just made up.

And I'm working on another Witch Moon Make Do to have finished, to list tomorrow night in my etsy shop.

So I've been busy making these items along with several orders. And taking care of my flower gardens and raising monarch butterflies from caterpillars that I find on my milkweed plants. I have one caterpillar that just turned into a chrysalis on Friday. So it will be 2 weeks before it transforms into a butterfly.

Here is the Mama

Here's the caterpillar right after I found it. It was about a half inch long.

And this is it 5 days later!!! Amazing isn't it!

And here it is 4 days after the last picture! It's in it's chrysalis stage. It will stay like that for 2 weeks before the butterfly emerges!

 Isn't it gorgeous! You should see it in person. The metallic gold on it is amazing! It's hanging from the inside of a big glass antique jar that I have. I took the lid off to take a picture. I also have another jar with another caterpillar that is about a 1/2" right now. So I have to feed it everyday with fresh milkweed leaves.

And I got some amazingly funny pics the other day of a couple of young squirrels playing around in our backyard. I just started snapping pictures as they played and got some crazy pics of them!

They look like they are dancing!

And this one really cracks me up! Looks like he is laying back and laughing!

And this one is "Tag Your It!"

They played none stop for quite awhile. So fun to watch!

And the goldfinches are loving my Zinnia's right along with all the butterflies and bees.

And every morning this baby robin and it's parents are out when I am watering my flowers.

Well I believe that's about it for now. Have a wonderful Sunday evening!


  1. Love your new pieces and I love your shots.
    Those squirrels are so funny, what a photo moment.
    I am still waiting for mine, can't wait to practice with it.


  2. I always love your nature photos and the squirrels were a special treat! I've never seen a pair p,aging like that! Great captures. And you new pumpkins are lovely too.

  3. The photos are beautiful!

    Beertje Zonn

  4. Love all your wonderful creations!
    That pumpkin with the spider is so darn cute!
    Your nature pictures are amazing!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim Blessings

  5. Wow, absolutely amazing photos!
    I love seeing those little squirrels playing, how cute. My dogs go crazy when they see a squirrel, yet the squirrels chose to build a nest in my tree (?)

    Your yards looks like a "Wonderland", how funny that it's actually in the same city that I live.
    Love your newest creations too.
    :) - Cindi

  6. Great photos! The squirrels are truly priceless. I've watched squirrels for years and never seen anything that cute!