Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Primitive Goodies!

Gonna make this short tonight. I'm beat! Took advantage of the beautiful weather we had today and worked in my flower gardens and mowed the yard! I certainly got my exercise today! I used to mow all the time. I'm really out of shape. Then I finished up a couple of wall hangings that I made out of old barn wood a friend of mine gave me. Melanie was so nice to give me the wood when they were tearing down one of the barns on her farm. At the time I didn't know what I was going to do with it. I knew I could think of something. I just listed this two cute hangers in my etsy shop!

Then the last couple of days I've been getting some amazing shots of the hummers!

So darn cute!!!!!!!!

This one I just love! He was stretching and puffing up after he got soaked from a rainstorm we had earlier that day.

Oh and almost forgot! My Monarch butterfly came out of its chrysalis on Sunday!!! It was so neat to see it take its first flight. I was kind of sad and happy at the same time.

Here it is drying its wings

Another shot just before it took off. I wonder how it's doing out there in the big world.

I will have more butterflies emerging in about a week or so. I have 2 chrysalis's and 2 caterpillar's right now. Nature is a beautiful thing.


  1. I love your new pieces, so simple but so unique and different. I miss my camera, but heard mine is supposed to be ready by monday, so hoping it gets here next week.


  2. I always love to see pics of hummers! that 1st one is especially cute!

  3. Your primitive creations are really wonderful.
    Thanks for finding my blog & leaving me a comment. I wish I would have brought my Monarch caterpillars in ~ they are nowhere to be found now. :( I'm not sure what happened. If I see anymore I'm going to protect them. How fun for you to watch the whole process tho & you should feel great about helping a few more make it into the world.


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