Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter!

Happy day before Easter! 

I'm so ready to get out and start gardening. It can't come fast enough. Even though our winter was very mild this year. I need to see things growing! Maybe you don't know, but I'm obsessed with Succulent plants. a couple of days ago I received a few plants I ordered from a great Etsy shop that sells succulents called Succulent Oasis. Click on the name to go to Linda's shop. These plants were the best of all the succulents I've ever ordered from! 

The plants come bare root, so you have to plant them once they arrive. Here are mine just after planting. Aren't they beautiful! Mine came in the mail on a day that was like winter! Thankful hubby got the mail right after the postman delivered them. 

We had gotten a winter storm on Thursday that started with rain, then freezing rain and then giant snowflakes that fell for about a half hour. Ended up with about a inch of snow. It was beautiful. Hope that was the last of the snow until November.

Male House Finch not letting the snow bother him! Love these little birds!
In my world of Etsy, I have another cute sewing box available!

This box was made with my Napping Kitty pincushion pattern. How cute is this! I almost want to keep it for myself. Now available for purchase in my Rock River Stitches etsy shop.

Here is my pattern that I used for the top of the sewing box. Click the link below the photo if interested in purchasing my pattern.

Primitive Napping Kitty Pincushion Pattern

Have a wonderful Easter my friends! Until next time, Peace and Love to all!

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  1. Always love your bird photos, great shot.
    I still have my kitty pattern and made a few, maybe I will have to do some more for gifts, for next year.
    The box idea is nice since I would throw some goodies in the box.