Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Primitive Wool Applique Sewing Box

Lately I've been enjoying the creative process of wool applique as you can see from my last post. It's been awhile since I've worked with wool in making my wool applique coin purses which I dearly loved making. 

I've had several different size paper mache boxes in my stash for years and thought it was time to use them.

Here is a second sewing box that I recently added to my etsy shop. First one I made sold the same day I added it to my etsy shop.

My Etsy Shop here----> Rock River Stitches

Took a little walk around my yard today to see what is sprouting. I'm ready to see my hummingbirds in this viburnum bush we have at the side of the house. I have one male hummer who loves to sit here and chase off the other hummers from the feeder I have next to this bush. The buds you see will turn into the most fragrant white blossoms you ever smelled. So ready!

I noticed the other day there was a squirrel living in this nest in our tree. The nest has been there for a couple of years and never thought anyone lived there. 

She came out and stretched and went back in.
I believe it's a female and may be having babies soon. She is very plump. I have a birds eye view of this nest when I am sitting at my computer. So maybe I might be able to watch some babies grow up right from the comfort of my computer chair! I'll post photos if I see anything.


  1. Beautiful sewing box and working with wool is fun.
    All our nests are at the top of the tall trees, I think they figure nothing else can climb up that high on a thin branch.


  2. Great pictures and love your blog :)

  3. Great pictures and love your little sewing boxes! Happy I found your blog too - a lovely read.