Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy February!

We made it through January! Yay! And I guess the ground hog saw his shadow. So 6 more weeks of winter. I can't complain to much about winter this year. Hardly been winter like. 

Speaking of weather...I've got my mind on Spring! I have a new Easter Rabbit design and pattern to share with you all! This guy is available in my Etsy Shop now! Rock River Stitches

This bunny stands at 12" tall and holds his prize winning carrot from his garden. 

Here are a few bird photos I've captured lately when I'm not sewing.

 Blue Jay

Red - Breasted Nuthatch

Such a tiny cute bird. And fast too!

I'm starting to miss my hummingbirds. They will be back in about 3 months! 

If you love hummingbirds like I do, you have to check out this web cam in California. Rosie has 2 newly hatched chicks that keep her busy. Here is the link Rosie Hummingbird Cam

I believe the babies are about 2 weeks old. They are starting to get their feathers as you can see.  

Don't forget to check out my etsy shop! I need to get working on some new projects for my shop! Have a wonderful evening!

Peace and Love to All :) 

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  1. Love your creations as always. You are one talented lady.