Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wooly Bear Caterpillar

It's that time of the year again for these little guys to be found crawling across your driveway. When my daughters were little, they would catch them and put them in their baby strollers and give me a ride. :) Here's some info on how to catch one and raise it into a Tiger Moth.

How to Capture a Bear

1.Find a brown and black banded woolly bear caterpillar in October (check the lawn, garden, or even the road.

2.Put it in a clear plastic jar with a lid (be sure to punch holes in the lid)

3.Add a twig in the jar and include some fresh grass for your bear to eat. Note: Put fresh grass in everyday. Soon your bear will tire of perching on the twig and will go to sleep on the bottom.

4.Remove any remaining grass but leave the twig in the jar all winter long.

5.Find a place outside that is protected from bad weather (a covered porch is nice) and you will be able to watch it hibernate.

6.In the spring, when weeds start to turn green it is time to feed your bear. Feed it fresh grass every day. Soon it will spin its magic cocoon of silk.

7.In about a week it will become the Isabella Tiger moth. On a nice day, take the jar outside and set your "tiger" free.


  1. Wonderful & cute! I don't think we have those kinds of caterpillars, but maybe ours will do that too! Karen

  2. On second thought, yes, I think we do have those kinds of caterpillars! I should have my kids try this! Karen


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