Saturday, February 14, 2009

Front Page of Etsy!

I just discovered that I was on the front page of Etsy! If you know anything about etsy, this is a really big thing when it happens to you. I've been with etsy for almost 2 years and it took that long for me. Some people are on the front page all the time. Being on the front page gives you a little more exposure to your shop. And the day that I was on was the day of my dad's funeral. Well I'm just glad I finally made it. You can see my white folk art bird that's at the top right hand side.

Oh....Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! Hope its a good one for you!


  1. CONGRATS!!!! that's awesome...totally know what it is like to wait SO long...I got my first break and sale last week...and I'm sure that being on the Front Page helped!
    Lets try and get up there next week too!!!
    Can't wait for Dinner, getting take out Sushi...YUM

  2. How cool is that!! Congrats for making the front page!! Thanks for your kind words, I've been a big fan of your work :o)! I'm adding you to my favorites!

  3. Congrats for making the front page! I know you are excited! Love your blog!

  4. Oh WOW- CONGRATS!!!
    You do such nice work-you deserve "FRONT PAGE" coverage!! ;)

    Have a great day, Kath

  5. I didn't know you made the front page! Congratulations!!! That is exciting!!! Now we need to get some OFG treasuries up there!