Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Productive Day!

Today didn't have to babysit and got a ton done! Made up these cute little Halloween pumpkin gourd ornies and have them listed in my etsy shop.

Getting dark and cloudy again as I type this. Another storm coming. We had one rain storm early today that flooded the street out in front of our house. Since they redid the whole street in our neighborhood last year it floods all the time. Then the city has to come out and unplug the storm drains. Very irritating for how much we had to pay for the new street!

Had fun yesterday with my granddaughter. She likes to spend time in my sewing room. Most of the time she likes to look at Sesame Street videos on youtube. She has her favorites that I play all the time. She had fun playing in a box that I get fiberfill in and thought it made for a cute picture. Try not to look very close at my messy sewing room. LOL


  1. She is adorable and isn't it funny how they like to play with a simple box?

  2. Cute little girl! My daughter and 4 month old granddaughter are here for a few weeks and I'm worn out. Can't sew at all. Love your new projects.

  3. Love the pumpkins and the little pumpkin in the box;)
    And I love that she is "Sew Perfect".


  4. She is such a doll. Have fun with her. Take care ~Natalie

  5. She is so SWEEEEEEEET! ;)
    Love the punkins!

    Have a great day,

  6. Those pumpkins look amazing!
    And your granddaughter is simply adorable.
    I love when kids play with the simpliest things.
    Have a great week!

  7. She's a cutie! Love the new white pumpkins too!

  8. She is precious! Love your pumpkins!

  9. Wonderful 'Pumpkin Gourds'...Greta Stitchin'...

    How adorable your Granddaughter is, AND how lucky you are to be a part of her life...Enjoy...

    My Best...Marilyn

  10. Your granddaughter is just too adorable and love the white pumpkins.