Saturday, August 7, 2010

Primitive Halloween Pumpkin Pockets

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday. Feeling a bit lazy today but did finish up these little cuties. Will be listing them later tonight in my etsy shop.

Here's a macro closeup of one of my impatiens

And these are petunias that decided to grow in the crack of our driveway. They reseeded themselves from last year. Hubby wants to pull them out but I won't let him. I think he thinks that they are making the crack bigger.


  1. Wow..I just noticed that you live in Rock Island,IL..I wonder how far you will be from me when I move back home to Belvidere,IL.
    Love all your patterns..epatterns are an addiction of mine but I guess I could have an addiction to something worse.
    Would be nice to meet you if you aren't to far :)

  2. I think hubby needs to lighten up! If it was crabgrass, I might agree with him. But little petunias causing damage? Nah! Love your macro picture - great color and sharpness!

  3. The pumpkin pockets are a cute idea for the fall and gift giving. I can't even grow flowers in my flower bed, lol.


  4. Tammy,

    The pockets are cool. I can see them stuffed with candy corn for a special treat for a prim friend. Love it when Mother Nature shares back with us without having to do too much work. Tell your hubby to enjoy the petunias.


  5. Hey Tammy, good for you. Don't let hubby pull those pretty flowers.
    Love those cute pumpkin pockets!
    Your close up of your flower is perfect:)