Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just a Little Bird Watching

Filled up my bird feeders today and set up my camera on the tripod and got some awesome shots of some of the birds today. Just thought it looked pretty out in my backyard with the yellow leaves just about ready to fall. Most of all the other trees have lost their leaves.
Mr. Cardinal on a perfect Fall day

He looks like he is saying, I see you taking my picture. :)

Looks like the Junco's are back in town. You know winter is almost here when they arrive.

I think Nuthatch's are the most cutest birds along with the wren. I love the little honking sound that nuthatch's make and how they go up and down the side of the tree upside down.

Tufted Titmouse. Had a hard time getting a picture of him. They are so fast!

Mr. Chickadee is very hungry.

And Mr. Black squirrel having a snack. Oh those pesky squirrels. Gotta love them.


  1. Beautiful shots. I love the black squirrel. Ours are gray, not nearly as striking, but still pesky!!

  2. I love your photos, so fun to see the birds up close.


  3. Beautiful photos! I love nuthatches too ~ so cute! And titmice are so fast! I've yet to get a good photo of them! Wish we had cardinals here - they are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. wonderful birds! the cardinal is one of my favorites! we don't have them over here!!! we have others but also very pretty!
    have a great weekend!

  5. Love all these little birds... it was just this past weekend that I had seen a couple dozen Juncos feasting in my backyard... I hope that doesn't mean we're in for a snowy winter...

  6. Beautiful birds! Cute squirrel, even tho they're a terrible pest!

  7. Your pics made me homesick!! We have all of those birds at our feeder in Indiana but none of them here in Arizona. I do get to see quail at my feeder here though. And we don't have black squirrels at either place! Thanks for the pictures!!

  8. I got to the last picture, and I laughed out loud! Heehee, Mr. Squirrel is making a pest of himself! Love your bird pictures!!!