Monday, February 21, 2011

Vintage Reproduction Feedsack Easter Eggs

Happy President's Day, on another dreary gray day. I'm so ready for warmer, sunnier days. I've been seeing the robins the last couple of weeks. So spring can't be to far away. After all, Puxatony Phil said it was going to be a early spring and March is almost here!! I always get excited for spring to see everything come back to life.

So thinking about Spring has gotten me thinking about Easter. And I just love making these eggs with the feather stitching. This year I decided to make them a little different, with vintage reproduction feedsack fabric. I searched through my fabric stash from my days of quilting and found some great scraps to make these eggs. After I stained them, I thought they sure do look like have been around for awhile. This set of 5 eggs (minus my wooden bowl) will be for sale in my etsy shop beginning tonight.




That’s about it for this Monday. Everyone have a wonderful night!


  1. Those are some really cute eggs. I have never seen feedsacks that look like that!

  2. Lovely Easter eggs! Yes, I am so completely ready for Spring! :-)

  3. Good morning Tammy. Such lovely eggs! I've not seen robins yet although I had a neighbor say she has been seeing them. Spring can't be far off!

    Hugs, Doreen

  4. Love those prim eggs!! They turned out great!!