Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave!

So it's been in the upper 90's all week and I'm loving it. You may think I am crazy, but I wait all winter for warm weather. I hate being cold!

Just want to make sure you all stop by Early Work Mercantile to see what I have newly listed!! Remember that I always list new things the 15th of the month. You also have to check out the other artist there! Fantastic group of primitive artist!

Just have to show you this picture I took yesterday of a cardinal that was at my window feeders. He caught my eye as I got up from my computer, so I grabbed my camera which I was so glad that it was right on my computer desk and snapped a few pics. The poor thing had lost just about all his feathers on top of his head and part of his body. I checked online to see what could be his problem and most likely it was from mites. He probably scratched so much he lost his feathers. I don't think he will be getting any new girlfriends anytime soon. If you look close you can actually see his ear below his eye!

And have to show you my petunia that is growing like crazy in all this heat! It's not a wave petunia, but it sure is growing like one!

And these flowers (Gazania) are so bright and cheery! I picked them up from Kmart a couple of weeks ago. Here it is July and I'm still buying flowers!

I might be buying more tomorrow to replace a couple of my tuberous begonias that have about bit the dust. I think it might be the heat. All my other flowers are doing wonderfully!

Oh and got to show you this fountain I got about a month ago. I just love it!!!!!!!!!

This past weekend we made a trip to Chicago which is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from where we live. We drove for a hour and hopped onto a Amtrak train and rode into the city. It's the best way to visit Chicago as there is not place to park and if you do its so expensive! Hubby and I met up with my daughter and her family who flew into Chicago from NC for a Chiropractic Seminar. We were the official babysitters! We had the best time ever! Did a little sightseeing with our granddaughter.

We walked to Millennium Park and saw "The Bean"! You've got to see this if you ever visit Chicago!

My granddaughter Cora!

The view out our motel room!! We were on the 25th floor! That's the Chicago River below.

Lots of boats going up and down the river!

Thousands doing their Saturday morning workout doing Zumba in Millennium Park!! This was so cool to watch!

Yep we are in Chicago!

My grandson Max! I was so happy to see my grandchildren!

And we had to get a Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza! It was amazing!

Veggie Stuffed Pizza!

I was so in awe of all the tall buildings!!!

And had a foot long Chicago Style Hot Dog!!!!! Yum! Hubby and I split it!

I am so ready to go back to Chicago. There is so much more I want to see!!


  1. That poor guy looks so sad, lol.
    We have one that has some bare patches, but it looks more like it got into scrapes with the hawk we have here. Beautiful photos of your trip and nice that you could spend time with the grandchildren.


  2. Feel so bad for the cardinal...he ain't looking red hot for the gals.

  3. That poor cardinal.
    Awesome pics of your flowers and Chicago. I would love to go to Chicago some day ~ especially after seeing your pictures.
    Your Grandchildren are soooo adorable! Enjoy!
    Have a great weekend!
    Prim Blessing

  4. What a great trip you had!!! Poor Cardinal, he looks miserable.

  5. I was enjoying the warm summer weather too until we hit the 100's. Now my flowers look awful--can't keep up with the watering. Poor cardinal. Hope he gets more feathers before winter! Looks like you had a wonderful time in Chicago with your family! ~Roberta


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