Thursday, April 12, 2012

Country Life on the Farm

Boy am I beat! I sure did get my exercise today exploring around in the woods off my friend Melanie's farm today. She told me about a month ago when it got nice that I could come visit her farm and we could go look for mushrooms. She thought it would be a perfect place for me to get some pics of the wildflowers too. Well....we didn't find any mushrooms. It's just been so darn dry around here lately. We are expecting rain starting tomorrow all through the weekend. So that may help the mushrooms grow. Before we started our little trip through the woods I got some amazing pics of the few farm animals that she has.

She has one rooster and three hens. They liked eating cat food! LOL

The rooster was very handsome!

One of her two ducks on her nest

Her new stray kitty that found her named Gizmo. He was a very loving guy.

So then we got on her ATV and headed for the woods. This was a first for me to ride on one of these All Terrain Vehicles! No picture....LOL

As I said before but no mushrooms but wildflowers were blooming!

Red Trillium

Some kind of Phlox I believe


Not sure what this is.

Then we crossed the main road to the other side of her property that is along the Mississippi River. We walked and walked along the levee and came upon a Eagles nest, high up in a tree!

We had no idea it was there until we heard her call and she flew off her nest and was circling around looking at us. It was an amazing sight! We stood there for quite a while watching her fly around.

Butterflies doing what butterflies do! LOL

Hog House that used to house baby pigs

And some rusty farm equipment. They had plenty of that.

So that was my adventure today. It was a beautiful day that's for sure. I will sleep good tonight after all that walking!

Thank You Melanie for a wonderful day!!


  1. I don't know how you do it ~ your pictures are amazing!!!
    The eagle picture takes my breath away ~ such a wonderful photo. I would never be able to do that ~ I would just get blue sky!LOL
    Thanks for taking us on your wonderful adventure!!!
    Prim Blessings

  2. You always have the most beautiful pictures to show us. The roosters are so fun. I am glad you had a good time on the farm. -Steph-

  3. Oh, Drooling over the breathtaking photos~ my kind of beauty~ love this post~

  4. What a wonderful place to visit. Beautiful animals, love the rusty old equipment and oh, what I could do with the old hog shed. Lovely photos, thanks for taking us along!


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